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bissell green machine

Our furry companions are such a blessing from the universe, aren’t they? They just make life more colorful, and they complete the family. There’s nothing more we want than to have them by our side forever.

But here’s the thing:

Taking care of your pets isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. You have to face the fact that they’re live creatures who eat and expel, play and get dirty, and whatnot. You can’t get a companion and enjoy petting them because they’re cute while ignoring other very real responsibilities.

Let’s face it, pets can be dirty even if you look after them diligently and regularly. Pets shed fur, run around outside, run amok inside, and spill things everywhere. No matter how much you train them, they may still slip up once or twice. That’s fine and dandy if they dirty the tiles or a cement floor. But your carpet is a different matter (and nightmare) entirely.

Luckily, we’ve found the best solution for you: the BISSELL Big Green Machine!


The BISSELL Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner

Yup, you read that right. The BISSELL Green Machine is a powerful cleaning tool that boasts professional grade cleaning results. It features robust workmanship that makes the device function efficiently while looking sleek. The Big Green Machine is made of high quality materials and powerful motors that are super durable and can last long.

This carpet cleaning machine also has an anti-tip design to make your life easy. Imagine using a carpet cleaner that tips over when left unattended. Not only do you have carpets that are still stained, you also have a machine that keeps leaking dirty water. But you don’t have to worry about any of that when it comes to the BISSELL Green Machine!


BISSELL Green Machine Features

The BISSELL Green Machine boasts results that could rival your leading rental carpet cleaner. This heavy-duty, deep-cleaning machine is can combat problems with pet stains like they’re nothing. You may hear the Big Green Professional Cleaning Machine compared to other carpet cleaners like the Rug Doctor.

But we have one word for that — efficiency. The Big Green Carpet Cleaner is effective and shows results in very few minutes. And that’s saying something, especially because of how dirty our pets can get even when they’re trained.

So, let us introduce the features that make the Big Green carpet cleaner so efficient:

1. Dual Large Capacity Tanks

The BISSELL Big Green Machine has dual water tanks with large capacity. It has a dirty water tank to keep the dirty water separate from the clean water. The tanks’ large capacity also means you get to save more time during the carpet cleaning process. You won’t have to keep refilling the tank because it can already hold a hefty amount.

The large tanks allow you to clean areas without needing to haul the carpet cleaner to the nearest faucet. You can go on your merry way and cover as much of your carpet using your ample supply of water.


2. Tough Stain Tool Scrubs

The BISSELL carpet cleaner has tough-stain tool inclusions to really help you with deep cleaning. It has an extra large brush roll that can penetrate carpet fibers or dirt that’s embedded in carpet recesses. The machine also has a 6″ tool to remove tough stains from your indoor carpets.

Whatever you can think of, the Big Green Machine can remove. Pet hair? Other pet messes from when they tracked ground in dirt? Let’s even go with wine stains! The BISSELL carpet cleaner can get rid of it all.


3. Long Reach Hose

The BISSELL carpet cleaner’s stain removal ability is amped because of its hose length. You can get rid of embedded dirt like pet hair from tough spots and hard-to-reach areas. You don’t have to worry about cleaning your carpets at just surface level. The Big Green can help you reach spots you can’t get through with manual cleaning or other machines.

The BISSELL cleaner also has powerful suction that lets you get dirt easily and conveniently. You just have to point the nozzle toward what you want to pick up. Easy-peasy, then you can leave the rest to the machine.


4. Adjustable Handle

The carpet cleaning process can be taxing, tiring, and especially tough for your back. But the machine has got that covered! The BISSELL Big Green comes with an adjustable handle you can customize to make cleaning easier. You won’t have to bend much or adjust wildly just to clean carpets!


5. Long Power Cord

The BISSELL carpet cleaner comes with a 25′ power cord that makes carpet cleaning that much easier. The long wiring helps you move around conveniently without needed to change sockets every few minutes. It also helps you clean carpeted stairs or whatever areas short-corded machines can’t reach. This feature greatly enhances your maneuverability and mobility while cleaning.


6. BISSELL PRO MAX Clean + Protect Formula

Amazed by the features of the BISSELL carpet cleaner? Well, there’s even greater news. There are BISSELL PRO MAX Clean + Protect Formula trial size bottles included when you purchase the machine. This formula cleans carpets and eliminates odors with a spritz of Febreze freshness. You can get rid of dirt and stains on your carpets while enjoying that clean and fresh smell.


The Bissell Pet Foundation

BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets. Every purchase saves pets by helping the foundation find homes for our furry companions. By buying the carpet cleaner, you make your life easier with the help of the machine’s efficient features. At the same time, you also contribute to make pet homelessness disappear.

Homeless pets all around the world suffer everyday from hunger and battling against the natural elements. The BISSELL Pet Foundation is here to contribute even a little bit of help for pets that need loving homes.


To Wrap Up

The BISSELL Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner can help you with the deep cleaning your carpets needs. It has efficient features that can get rid of tough stains and dirt embedded in your carpets or deep recesses. The machine boasts its dual large capacity tanks, tough stain tools, long reach hose, and long power cord. It also has powerful motors and suction to really get those dirt and mess out of your carpet.

What makes the Big Green even better is its design. It has an anti-tip design and adjustable handles to make cleaning convenient for you. Your purchase also helps save pets in the process.

What are you waiting for? Get the BISSELL Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner now for only $411.99!


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