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    image: Dog Coat

    Dogs Wear 101: 20 Coziest Dog Coats

    Source: Unsplash

    Since our dogs have small and light bodies they need extra protection to help tolerate the cold weather. Hence, dog coats are here to warm your furry friends. As much as we need to put additional layers of clothes to provide heat on our bodies, our dogs need protection as well from the chilly morning, for instance.

    Before you start buying dog coats only because it’s cute, first, you have to find the best suitable jackets for your poochies. Dog coats come with a range of features and a variety of materials, sizes, weight, styles, and shapes to consider. Choosing among all of the available dog coats in the market can be overwhelming! For that reason, we at The Furry Companion are giving you the most recommended dog coats so you won’t have to get crazy searching for all of them.

    First of all, there are questions you might be asking that concerns dog coats or your furry companions in general:

    Does my pet need a dog coat?

    Source: Pxhere

    Dogs with thick fur such as Alaskan Malamutes or Siberian Huskies will have a much easier time going out on a cold day. Furs are natural-made protection of doggies against extreme cold weather. Therefore, those who have thin hair and short legs will have a much harder time in the quivering season. 

    These are the following considerations you have to think about if you’re unsure whether or not your furry friends need a coat:

    Thin dogs

    Dogs that have less fat in their body can quickly get cold. The extra layer provided by the dog coat can help them to go outside and move comfortably. 

    Short-haired dogs

    Dogs that have short hairs won’t have the protection other breeds that have abundant fur possess. Just imagine humans quivering in only a slight breeze of cold air, that’s also the case for short-haired dogs. 

    Small dogs

    Small dog breeds radiate more body heat as a result of the area of its skin surface is much larger relative to its volume. In effect, they get cold quicker compared to larger dogs.

    Sick dogs

    Cold can be extremely hard on dogs that have kidney illness, heart disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, frail immune system, and other health difficulties. So, make sure to keep your furry friends warm and comfortable when they have an illness or if they are recovering from one. 

    Source: Pxhere

    Aging dogs

    Dogs that are old and aging are more prone to sickness. So if your dog is already past its prime, keep them healthy and warm all the time with this coat.

    Young dogs

    Young pups can be quite vulnerable during cold seasons and may need extra insulation. Especially when they’re eight weeks or under, their ability to regulate body temperature has not yet developed.

    Your dogs can get hypothermia if they’re cold for a long time. During the winter season as well, there are increased rates of stroke and heightened blood pressure in dogs. So make sure that you look after your furry friend once the weather starts to drop. Below are some signs that your dogs are feeling the cold awfully:

    If your pups are quivering, that can be a sign that they need warmth. It’s their body’s reaction from lack of heat.

    If your pups have ice forming in their fur, this can mean that they now lack heat inside their body to melt the snow and produce the ice.  

    Source: Pexels

    Some dogs don’t need coats and are not comfortable wearing additional fabric. Excessive heating can occur if the dog coat is giving them a much harder time than helping them adjust to the weather. So be observant of your dogs’ behavior when outside.

    According to Tammy Hunter, DVM and co-author, “A healthy coat helps keep a pet’s temperature properly regulated by providing an insulating layer of fur. A healthy coat can efficiently regulate body temperature by moving hair follicles to bring hairs closer together to insulate or allow air to enter under looser hairs to cool a dog or cat. A pet can also warm herself by shivering.”

    For example, if they refuse to walk or do their business outside, those can also be signs that your dog is avoiding the cold weather and may need help.     

    Some of the dog breeds which are easily susceptible to cold weather and may need dog coats:

    • Small Terriers
    • Whippets
    • Greyhound
    • Chihuahua
    • Papillion

    What are the essential features I need to look for in a dog coat?

    Source: Flickr

    I know buying a cute and stylish dog coat can be tempting, but if it’s not fitted for your dog, then you might waste money on it. There are essential factors you have to consider in purchasing a dog coat for your furry friend. Don’t worry. You can still have a practical and, at the same time, fashionable dog coats!


    There are many ranges of sizes available for dog coats. Brands for dog jackets do accommodate various breeds in their design. You have to measure your dog’s chest and length to find the most suitable wear for them. Check the sizing chart of the company you want to purchase to see if it’s perfect for your poochies size.  

    “Make sure that clothing isn’t too tight around the neck, armpits and groin,” Dr. Lauren Cohn, DVM points out. “You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers to make sure it’s not too tight. You also want to make sure the material isn’t itchy, and there aren’t sharp edges, zippers or seams that can be irritating as they are walking or lying down.”

    The longevity of materials

    You don’t want to purchase something that you’re going to have to replace in a few weeks, right? Make sure that you find the most durable products not only for your dog’s condition but for the benefit of your pocket as well. Dog coats made from fleece or a poly blend can last for years.    


    Make sure that the dog coat your furry friend is going to have will give warmth amidst the cold weather. Jackets with fleece lining or other thick materials can do the job. In cold and dry weather, it can provide self-contained insulation for your pups.

    Waterproof materials

    I think we should all know by now that not all dogs want to get wet and usually freak out when it’s raining outside. Dog coats can also protect them with unexpected rain. Materials like vinyl or nylon in a dog coat will be perfect for the rainy season.      

    Zipper or velcro

    Dog jackets that have zippers or velcro are much more comfortable for your dogs to wear. Dog coats that have only openings for the head and the legs can squeeze them and make dogs uncomfortable.

    Source: Pxhere


    Dog coats made with washable materials can ensure the fabric does not warp, shrink, or the stitches will not get ruined when cleaned. 


    Reversible dog coats can be versatile for the weather, preparing you for the rainy and cold season. For cold days, fleece is on one side, and the other section is for rainy days, made of waterproof materials.

    Leash extension

    Prefer purchasing dog coats that have a built-in leash extension or a small hole for your dog’s collar. This feature can be handy and convenient, so you don’t have to put the collar over your pup’s coat.


    The safety of your furry friends is a priority. Jackets that have small pieces and dangling threads can get your doggies entangled with it. In some cases, they might also swallow it. So be vigilant in your purchase. 


    Choose dog coat designs with reflective stripes so you can see and look after your pups carefully. It also prevents accidents in the streets or while you’re hiking with them.

    Is a dog coat useful?

    Source: Pxhere

    Dog coats are effective in keeping your dogs warm and comfortable during cold temperatures. Not only that, dog coats made with waterproof materials such as vinyl make sure that your dogs will stay dry when it’s raining. Some dog coats, however, are only for accessory or keeping your poochies stylish. So be sure that when you purchase a dog coat, it’s for warmth purposes.   

    “Any time you’re out in the cold and see your dog shivering, seeking out warmth, limping, slowing down, or acting anxious or distressed in any way, it’s time to go inside,” says Jennifer Coates, DVM.

    If you want to be sure that your doggies are going to be okay once the degrees start to drop, then prepare food that can give them enough fats like Omega-3. As much as dogs want to go and play outside as much as possible, some breeds can’t take extreme cold weather. So it’s better to let them stay inside the house.   

    You can also consider letting them wear dog shoes or boots to protect their feet when they go outside. You just have to be sure that it’s properly fitted and doesn’t rub against their paws.

    How to take my dog’s measurement for a dog coat?

    Source: Unsplash

    Like any other dog wear, you have to make sure that your dog coat fits perfectly for your puppy’s breed. Below are some guidelines on how to take your dog’s measurement:

    • Get your puppy to stand
    • Take note of the neck and stomach circumference
    • Measure your dog’s collar towards the bottom of the tail

    A perfect-fitting dog coat covers the belly and the neck. It is ideal that it is well-fitted.

    Coziest Dog Coats For Your Doggies

    As a caring pet owner, you only want the best for your pup’s wear. Here is a list of some of the coziest dog coats available in the market:

    Ruffwear Powder Hound Dog Coat


    If you want to go for an adventure with your furry friend, then Ruffwear Powder Hound is perfect for your dog. It is resistant to weather which gives synthetic insulation, that is ideal for the cold weather. 

    It’s also hard to get dirty, muddy, and wet. The sleeve design and reflective trim don’t limit dogs’ movement and allow them to go for the extra mile. It also has a zipper closure, which makes it easier to wear and take off. Its lower fabric helps you to cuddle your pup while playing at snow banks because it keeps dirt, snow, and water out.  


    • Has amazing quality build
    • Fits perfectly
    • Provides optimal warmth
    • Insulated zipper prevents coat from getting trapped when closing or opening


    • It can be costly
    • The arm section can be tight and uncomfortable for some dog breeds.  

    Zack & Zoey Nor’easter Dog Coat


    The Zack & Zoey Nor’easter Dog Coat is one of the most popular dog coats in the market. It’s a blanket-style dog coat with two adjustable velcro straps closing around the neck and belly. These features provide an adjustable fit and convenience for wearing purposes. Made of 100% polyester, it adequately covers most of the body, and keeps your pups dry and warm with its fleece patterned on the inside. 

    One of its impressive features is its reversibility, with one of its sides serving as water-resistant. Linings made of reflective strips and paw shape make dogs visible during nighttime hikes. It has multiple sizes and color options so that it can provide for many dog shapes and sizes. Known for its durability and high-quality standard, many pet owners opt for this dog coat. 


    • Water-resistant
    • Reversibility features
    • Stylish
    • Non-restrictive style and fits well for hefty dogs  
    • Reflective strips
    • Washable in machines
    • Neck and belly Velcro closures


    • Sizing problems
    • Much thinner for a dog coat
    • Velcro used under the belly isn’t long enough

    Puffer Reversible Cold Weather Coat


    Puffer Reversible Cold Weather Coat is a perfect choice of dog coat when hiking in the winter or when it’s cold. Designed to withstand water, sand, or mud, you can make sure that your pups will be clean after doing activities outside. It has weather-resistant and windproof features, which gives extra warmth and insulation. 

    Its inner lining is made of 100% cotton and it has ultra-fine microfiber fill and outer padding which is of polyester. Soft cotton provides comfort and can survive countless cycles in the washing machine. 

    Inspired by Pacific Northwest, the creators made the available colors come in three— red, navy, and green. It is also reversible switching from one comfortable dog coat to a stylish weather jacket. This coat enables a maximum range of motion due to its oversized armholes and velcro closure for easy on and off. Also, it has a built-in leash portal for your dog’s leash extension. Its functional and stylish vibe has been praised by many.     


    • Reversibility features
    • 100% cotton padding with microfiber (ultra-fine)
    • Balances function with style
    • Devised to endure strong weather


    • More costly than other dog coats

    Loft Waterproof Jacket with Leash Opening


    Loft Waterproof Jacket with Leash Opening is perfect for adventurous dogs traveling in cold weather mountains or walks in the city. It’s reversible, lightweight, and made from microtomic nylon that’s waterproof. It has a leash opening and fits with dogs with muscular builds. Reviews from this item, however, range from the inaccuracy of the sizing and can be unsuitable for extreme temperatures due to its thin materials.  


    • Recommended by many
    • Features of waterproof microtomic nylon
    • Has an amazing fit
    • Washable in machines
    • Stylish 
    • Reversible


    • Much thinner than expected for warming purposes
    • Sizing issues
    • No special lining for added warmth

    Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Dog Coat


    Weatherbeeta Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Dog Coat shelters your poochies from wind and rain. Its material is a 300 Denier Polyester which is durable and offers warmth without restricting motion. The loop and hook closures are adjustable and provide complete chest and belly coverage. It’s 100% waterproof and has reflective strips with visible color for the safety of your pup.  


    • Amazing quality
    • Adjustable fit
    • Ideal for any seasons
    • Adequate neck and chest safeguard


    • The seams inside are jagged and may stroke uncomfortably on your dog’s armpits

    Gooby-Padded Vest


    Gooby-Padded Vest is a lightweight jacket but made of thick materials that protect your dogs from cold weather. It’s comfortable, warm, and doesn’t sog easily. It has a guard that blocks the fur and the skin of the dog from accidentally getting zipped. The zipper is in the back, so you can wear and take it off your furries easily. You can also secure the lease without the need of another harness.


    • Exceptional and functional dog coat
    • Lightweight and adequately thick
    • Puffy and nice
    • Prevents the cold air from getting in


    • Not for machine wash as the zipper easily breaks when washed   

    Ultra Paws WeatherMaster Reflective Dog Coat


    The Ultra Paws WeatherMaster Reflective Dog offers optimal warmth because of the thermal fiber filling. It has an outer coat that’s weatherproof and a reflective panel. It also has a secret pocket with zipper which is perfect for putting and storing treats. 


    • Lightweight 
    • Durability features
    • Covers dog’s stomach and neck sufficiently
    • Allows mobility
    • Attractive and warm


    • If your dog is big, it may not zip down fully at the back

    PetRageous Designs Juneau Dog Coat


    PetRageous Designs Juneau Dog Coat is a heavyweight, stylish and warm dog coat. It has windproof and water-resistant features keeping your furry friend cozy. With its elastic leg straps and silky fastener back closure, this dog coat has an adjustable and sufficient fit. It covers the dog fully. The collar opening is  convenient because it allows you to immediately put or unfasten the leash. The reflective stitching ensures that your dog is noticeable at night. 


    • Easy to maintain
    • Adjustable strap
    • Quality build


    • Sizes are small
    • Back lifts and folds over 

    Queenmore Reversible Dog Coat

    Source: Amazon

    The Queenmore Reversible Dog Coat offers two functioning sides. It has one side filled with waterproof materials and the other with fleece features. It’s also easily noticeable with its reflective paw print and strips during nighttime.

    It offers eight sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, ensuring that every dog breed can have the right fit. It also has a Velcro strap around the chest, adjusting fitness to your dog’s body and entertaining slight growth spurts. A Velcro closure around the neck makes it convenient for owners to take the dog coat off and put it in again. It’s also stylish, as many recommend its design and colors very flattering. 



    • Reversibility features
    • Velcro neck and chest straps
    • Reflective lining
    • Color options
    • The design doesn’t restrict movement


    • Doesn’t have a hole to hook or leash attachment

    SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog Vest


    SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog vest is the best option for keeping your dogs safe and visible when you’re taking a hike in the woods or playing outside at nighttime. Reflective vests return light from your flashlight or automobile headlamps. The garment comes in eye-catching five colors and uses a reflective strap so you can easily spot your dog anywhere. This feature is what makes SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog Vest recommended by many. 

    The vest is perfect for frequent outdoor use with its durable woven material holding up to many wears and tear. This dog vest keeps your dog dry and clean during the rainy season with its water-resistant materials that repel spills and soil. It’s also easily washable in machines without changing its shape and durability. 



    • Accessible to dogs up to 130 pounds
    • Enhanced visibility of dogs day or night
    • Has bright color choices 
    • The utility strap can handle accessories 


    • Sizing issues
    • Fastening problems as some dogs were able to chew on the front portion under their chins

    RC Pet Products Lightweight Fleece Jacket


    One of the best lightweight dog coats out there, RC Pet Products Lightweight Fleece Jacket is the perfect dog wear for moderate and chilly weather. This jacket is ideal for small dogs who need extra tender love and care during the brisk season. Being extremely light in the body, it follows plenty of movement from dogs in a swift manner. It’s also notable for its stretchiness and soft materials. 

    You can also use this dog coat as an extra warmth to a thick-layered jacket. For leash attachment, dog owners can utilize the hole at the top of the coat, anchoring a collar hook so you won’t have to take off the jacket or collar.  


    • Fleece fabric
    • Flexibility features
    • A hole for leash attachment
    • Reflective label
    • Washable in machines


    • Sizing issues
    • May appear costly from comparing to other dog coats in this list despite its thin materials

    Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka For Dogs


    The Hurtta Summit Parka is a straightforward and efficient dog coat for cold weather. It has a water-resistant and breathable Houndtex fabric for light rain or snow, designed to protect your dog’s sensitive abdomen area. Also, it has a quick and uncomplicated buckle that you can easily fasten to your pup’s body. This coat has an adjustable belt, collar, and back length, which gives your dog’s rooms for movement.


    • Perfect for skinny and deep-chested dogs
    • Adjustable neck and chest areas
    • Customizable
    • The top section is waterproof


    • Not ideal for heavy snow and weather
    • Not for playful and energetic dogs

    Petite Pooch Puffer Jacket

    Source: Peakpx

    The Petite Pooch Puffer Jacket is a beautiful dog coat perfect for small and extra-small dogs. It has a hood that you can opt to use when it gets extra chilly outside. It comes in many colors— green, blue, gold, and yellow. 


    • Extremely adorable
    • Hood features


    • The hood may be cute and adorable, but depending on your dog this can add an extra burden for them
    • Only available for small dogs

    Ruffwear – K-9 Dog Coat


    The K9 overcoat is especially for active dogs. It has a lot of space and can provide good body coverage for your dog. This coat is waterproof and wind-resistant, keeping your dogs dry when going outside. It also has a fleece padding for warmth and reflective lining for visibility. The side-release buckles make it convenient for wearing and taking off.    


    • Durability features
    • Customizable
    • Wearing convenience and adjustable straps
    • Water-resistant


    • Poor sizing 

    Fitwarm Waterproof Pet Clothes for Dog


    Fitwarm is known for its cozy vibe and elasticity. It comes in an onesie style cut with a furry hood, and a soft fleece-lined interior for extra warmth. The leg openings and under the belly section are all flexible for your pup’s comfort. It is a warm, water and wind-resistant, and snow-proof dog coat. The main issues, however, are that it mostly caters small and medium-sized dogs, and it also doesn’t have a hole or harness for leash extension.    


    • Wind, water, and snow-proof
    • High-quality standard
    • Soft fleece linings for extra warmth


    • No space for leash attachment
    • Can’t accommodate larger dogs

    PetBoBo Doggie Down Dog Coat


    The PetBoBo Doggie Jacket is one of the most popular coats for dogs. It comes in many sizes ranging from x-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. This jacket has a fleece-soft lined interior, and water and wind-resistant exterior features to keep your dogs warm and comfortable during cold weather. It has a simple design and a wide range of colors. Also, it has a hood and a functional pocket on the back of the coat where you can put treats for your poochies. 


    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Warm and comfortable
    • Wide range of sizes and color choices
    • Leash extension at the back of the coat


    • Colors varied upon delivery

    Petneces Dog Winter Coat


    If you want a stylish and warm dog coat for your pups, then Petneces Dog Winter Coat is perfect for you. It has a waterproof quality with its nylon outer layer and inner fleece lining. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes, starting from large to xx-large. It’s also a favorite due to its stretchiness and lightweight feature. There’s also an available hole for leash attachment.   


    • Elasticity
    • Nylon outer layer
    • Insulation in the collar
    • Fleece padding


    • The stitches can come off 
    • If your dog is wet, down insulation cannot give your dog warmth
    • Sizing issues

    JoyDaog Fleece Lined Reflective Dog Coat


    Adding to the list of great dog coats, JoyDaog Fleece Lined Reflective Dog Jacket is known for its functionality and convenience. Its unique structure makes it accessible for all dogs, regardless of their shapes and sizes. It’s lightweight and uses velcro for an adjustable fit. Its reflective feature around the neck increases the visibility of your dog during nighttime.       


    • Waterproof
    • Fleece padding
    • A hole for leash attachment
    • Made with 100% polyester


    • Sizing issues
    • Lack of durability features
    • Not designed for peeing

    Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat


    Metallic Fashion Pet Parka coat prioritizes your dog’s comfort and needs. It comes with many colors and sizes and a slit for leash attachment. Even when your pup is playing around, it is very well-fitted and doesn’t easily get removed. It has insulation and fleece lining for your dogs’ comfort. It also has a removable hood and a velcro feature for your convenience.   


    • An excellent choice for heating purposes
    • Breathable material


    • The velcro can quickly weaken
    • Not for machine washing
    • Sizing issues 

    PETCEE Waterproof Dog Coat


    PETCEE Waterproof Dog Winter Coat is perfect for outdoors. It has a double-sided feature with a water and windproof exterior and a soft inner layer. It offers maximum coverage to your dogs and a steady rope to keep the tail in at the bottom of the jacket. There’s a reflective lining running through the center of the coat and uses velcro for closing and opening. 


    • The elastic material in the chest
    • Steady rope prevents the coat from coming off


    • Sizing issues
    • The reflective strip is insufficient
    • Velcro is not strong enough

    The health condition of your furry friends should be a top priority. So, don’t hesitate in trying and searching for products beneficial for them. Go check out these dog coats and share it with your friends and family who adore dogs as well. Here’s to a healthier year for our poochies!  

    Frequently Asked Question

    Do dogs really need jackets?

    Typically, most dogs do not need jackets. The primary purpose of their fur is to keep them warm and protect them from the cold. However, people created dog jackets since there are different types of fur, and some dogs need extra protection to keep themselves warm.

    What is the best dog coat?

    Dog coats come in different types to fit different kinds of dogs. The best dog jacket is the Deluxe Reflective Parka since it can keep the dog dry and warm even in unfavorable weather conditions. It’s also very flexible and can fit different dog sizes.

    What temp should you put a coat on your dog?

    Ideally, when the temperature falls below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, dogs that did not originate from colder regions. Aside from this, dogs can use their fur to keep themselves warm. Wearing jackets in temperature higher than 45 degrees Fahrenheit may put them into an uncomfortable heat.

    How do I measure my dog for a coat?

    To know which size will fit your dog best, do the following steps. Measure the length of the body from the nape to the base of the tail. Also, measure the neck and the body joints until the tail and body joints. Make sure that your dog is looking straight, and the head is pointing forwards.

    How do you know if your dog needs a jacket?

    Your dog needs a coat if you identify your dog as any of the following:

    • Short-haired
    • Heat-loving
    • Small or toy breed
    • Low body fat
    • Short legs
    • Short fur
    • Old and sick puppies

    How can I tell if my dog is cold?

    A cold dog may manifest some signs which you should carefully watch out for. The signs are as follows:

    • Whining
    • Shaking
    • Shivering
    • Reluctance to continue walking
    • Hunched posture

    If you observe any of these gestures during a cold walk, better seek a dog jacket’s help.

    How Do I Measure a Dog for a Coat?

    Your dog’s measurement is essential in knowing the size of the dog coat for your dog. To know the measurement, first, take the size of the girth. Wrap the measuring tape from the shoulder to the rib cage and back to the shoulder. Next, measure your dog’s length. Put the measuring tape at the base of the neck until the base of the tail. Then with your measurements, you can start purchasing the right dog coat size.

    Do dog jackets keep them warm?

    Yes, dog jackets can keep the dog warm, especially if their breed is not suitable for cold weather. You have to closely observe your dogs during winter walkies if they show any signs of discomfort in the cold. If they do, it would be best to get them jackets to keep them warm and comfortable.

    Is it cruel to put a coat on your dog?

    It’s not particularly cruel, but some dogs might not enjoy the experience of having something restrict their body. Not all dogs would enjoy wearing a coat on top of their fur, so check your pet’s reaction when you put clothing on them. Also, make sure not to keep it on for too long, as it may cause your pet’s body to overheat.

    When should dogs start wearing jackets?

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