teddy bear dog

Teddy Bear Dog: 16 Most Huggable Breeds

Are you looking for warm hugs? Whether we are excited, happy, and even more, when we are sad, it is always comforting to receive some hugs. A lot of studies show that holding someone close to you makes you happier and also aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Your good old teddy bear wouldn’t do the trick as a warm, affectionate dog. Read on to get to know your huggable teddy bear dogs. Who knows, they might surprise you with kisses too!

dog tales

Quarantine Reads: The Best Dog Tales You Can Enjoy During Your Home Quarantine

If you want to instill good reading habits to yourself, then make sure that you engage books that you’ll be interested in. Maybe you should consider reading dog tales. It’s something that you can easily relate to since the stories are full of companionship, loyalty, and lessons. You will most likely get hooked with it!  …

Quarantine Reads: The Best Dog Tales You Can Enjoy During Your Home Quarantine Read More »

cat png

Cat PNG: The Evolution of Cat Memes

If man’s best friend is a title that dogs own, cats are Internet royalty. When it comes to memes, our feline friends tend to make it to the top of the list more often than any other animal. Although the occasional dog, panda, or even llama garners attention, cats are a constant viral figure. And while we at The Furry Companion love all animals, it’s hard to resist any form of a cat PNG.

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