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Dog Diapers 101: A Beginner’s Guide for New Dog Owners

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in a dog’s life. They might cause household problems and leave puddles of urine around the house. As a pet owner, this can be quite frustrating. That is why it is good practice to train and discipline your dog whenever he or she urinates. But when the problems take more than just teaching, the pet owner has to take further measures to control where the dog urinates. One of the tools that could be of assistance is dog diapers.

What Are Dog Diapers?

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Dog diapers are similar to kids’ diapers but with an extra hole to accommodate the tail. They are made from absorbent materials to retain urine without sticking to the dog’s fur. It assists the dog by providing temporary relief when they are not able to control their bladder. Dog diapers also come in different sizes for different dog breeds to ensure that it is snug for your friendly companion. 

Why Should Your Dog Use Dog Diapers

Urinary Incontinence

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Old dogs and those with physical problems or hormonal imbalance might experience urinary or defecation problems. Elder dogs might suffer from canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) and lose control over their bladder. 

Even well-trained dogs might be unable to control their bladder due to different illnesses. Various factors like urinary tract infection, bacterial infections, diabetes, or weak urinary sphincter muscles may cause this. Dog diapers will guide the dog to urinate in a single spot. It will act as a temporary solution until the veterinarian diagnoses the dog and suggests a more permanent solution.

According to Dennis J. Chew, DVM, “Most cases of urinary incontinence (especially non-neurogenic causes) are associated with a small to normal-sized bladder at presentation.”

Going into Heat and Menses 

If dogs are not neutered or spayed, they will experience hormonal changes to prepare their bodies for reproduction. Female dogs undergo estrus, or heat, and menstrual bleeding. They will be more agitated than usual and will urinate on different spots of the house. Bleeding and frequent urination are common occurrences during dog’s mating season. You may use dog diapers to circumvent the mess.

“Vulvar swelling is the first physical indication of an impending heat cycle. However, the most obvious recognizable sign of heat in dogs is vaginal bleeding. This may not become apparent until a few days after the female has come into estrus,” Ryan Llera, BSc, DVM and co-author explains.

House Training

Dog diaper is a handy tool in potty training your dogs indoors. It will help you protect your furniture and rugs from getting undesirable stains. However, you should take the dog outside regularly so that it can learn where it is supposed to go.

“For some dogs, you can’t cut any corners. You can’t let them wander out of sight for 2 seconds or expect that they will hold it if they’ve just gone potty outside and had a drink of water. For these dogs, you can try a doggie diaper,” Sophia Yin, DVM, MS suggests.

Behavioral Correction

Male dogs might demonstrate their marking behavior when they are indoors. A dog diaper might come in handy to prevent the continuous cleaning of urine inside the house.


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Long hours of travel with your dog will inevitably cause them to urinate. The dogs might feel uneasy when holding their bladders, especially when they are trained to urinate on designated places. Dog diapers will definitely ease their discomfort by providing them a temporary place to pee.

Types of Dog Diapers 

  • Gender. Dog diapers vary in design based on the gender of the dog. For instance, male dog diapers are belly bands that wrap around the belly and fasten at the back. It functions as a leakproof tube top, with an absorbent inner layer to catch the urine. The outer layer is a lightweight, waterproof shell with a “wetness indicator,” depending on the brand. Female dog diapers have the same features as the male counterpart but are designed like britches as a solution for females in heat.
  • Material. Dog diapers can be either cloth or synthetic. Cloth dog diapers are more economical compared to synthetic ones. Its downside is that it’s less convenient as it requires washing before it becomes usable again. Synthetic diapers are more expensive because they are generally super-absorbent and leakproof but are disposable after use. In terms of environmental friendliness and lower carbon footprint, cloth wraps are the better option.
  • Design. Designs of dog diapers vary depending on the needs of both the pet owner and the dog. Aside from the mentioned disposable and reusable diapers, some brands offer dog wraps with an integrated, adjustable suspender to keep the diaper in place. DIY or homemade wraps are usually derived from baby diapers and are cut to accommodate the tail.

Recommended Dog Diapers

Washable Wonders Dog Diapers (Male)

This product is a good option for environmentally conscious people. It has a highly absorbent microfiber lining that can hold up to seven times its weight. It has a soft waterproof shell to protect against leaks.

This diaper style is appropriate for dogs suffering from bladder and bowel issues that require full diaper protection.

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In-Hand Washable Male Dog Diapers

This vibrant and reusable male diaper is helpful for untrained puppies and excitable urination. It has two layers of highly absorbent pad sewn together to absorb urine easily. The outer shell has soft, responsive, and waterproof lamination to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Each pack comes with three pieces of diapers.

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Pet Magasin Luxury Reusable Dog Diapers

It is one of the exceptional value items out there as it comes in three packs. It is perfect for small dogs and newborn puppies. With its highly absorbent multiple inner layers and waterproof outer layer, it can help prevent leaks and damages to rugs and carpets. It is useful for untrained puppies, females in heat, and dogs that suffer from excitement urination and incontinence.

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OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers

Fit for male dogs with 13- to 18-inch waist, it has a super absorbent core that quickly wicks moistures and keeps dogs dry. Leakproof side barriers contain the liquid. The diaper changes colors when it is wet, so you know when it’s time to change diapers. It also has repositionable fasteners to ensure a perfect fit without sticking to your dog’s fur.

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Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Dog Diapers

This product is one of the ideal, disposable diapers out there that manage male dog incontinence, excitable urination, and marking.  It makes traveling with your dog much more comfortable.

Each male dog wrap is manufactured with a wetness indicator. The dog wraps also have a fur-safe, repositionable fastener to ensure the best fit. It is quite affordable as the package comes with 12 medium disposable diapers. Check this related dog diaper for your pet.

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Paw Inspired Disposable Dog Diapers

This product is one of the disposable dog wraps that are worth every buck. From puppies to older dogs, this dog diaper helps with issues like training, incontinence, and menstrual hygiene. These can also be used for stool, diarrhea, and bowel incontinence. Its effectiveness depends on the tail hole position of the dog. Check this related dog diapers for your pet.

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Surgi Snuggly Washable Disposable Dog Diapers Keeper

This product is one of the useful products to hold the diapers in place. A veterinarian invented Surgi Snuggly to ensure that it is breathable and germ-free. Not only that, but it also comes with stretch fabric and flat seams to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Their signature size system accounts for the dog’s weight, girth, and spine measurement. Size ranges from 10 to 35 inches.

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Barkertime Dog Diaper Suspender

When the diapers do not fit well, you can make use of the Barker Dog Diaper Suspender. It is a perfect complement that helps keep dog wraps, whether usable or disposable, from falling off your dog. Top-of-the-line and lightweight suspender clips grip the diaper securely and safely. It is fully adjustable to ensure a customized fit. Check this related dog diapers for your pet.

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How to Use Dog Diapers

Dog diapers are procedurally worn the same way.

  1. Choose the dog diaper that best fits your dog. Read and follow the instructions for measuring your dog. Choose the appropriate absorption level.
  2. Dog diapers are mainly used to retain urine, not feces. If you want to have the best of both worlds, consider buying a dog diaper brand with extra padding. Always read the instructions to make sure that it is the right product for your dog’s needs.
  3. Frequently change the diaper so that the dog remains comfortable. Aside from the discomfort, diapers could result in dog rash, which can cause inflammation, irritation, burning, and itching if left unattended.
  4. Wear gloves when changing the diaper so the waste would not come into contact with your skin.
  5. Always cover the hole for your dog’s tail to avoid leakage when changing the dog diaper.
  6. Use baby wipes to clean your dog. Make sure to dry your dog thoroughly to avoid skin irritation.
  7. Some dogs might be allergic to synthetic materials. Always check that the diapers they are using are not triggering your dog’s allergies.
  8. Should there be any persisting concerns, take your dog to a veterinarian. Oral medication or surgery can treat incontinence. But as a temporary solution, use dog diapers.

Now that you have explored the ins and outs of handling dog diapers through The Furry Companion’s guide, then it’s time for you to purchase one now. Rest assured that you will be able to handle your dog easier in no time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do diapers for dogs really work?

Yes, dog diapers work primarily for pets who are not potty trained or have bowel or urine incontinence. Dog diapers help keep your house from getting by soiled by poo or pee accidents. Diapers also work best for dogs in heat.

Is it bad for dogs to wear diapers?

No, it is not bad for dogs to wear diapers, but it should be changed frequently. It will be uncomfortable for dogs to continually have a full or wet diaper. Also, dogs can experience diaper rash, which can be itchy and can cause inflammation.

How long can a dog wear a diaper?

It is recommended to change to diapers every 3 to 4 hours. If you can change the diaper as soon as it is wet or soiled, the better. The contact of urine and feces to the skin may lead to infections or canine rash.

Can dogs poop in doggie diapers?

Yes, especially dogs with bowel incontinence. These doggie diapers can contain stool; however, most dogs tend to refrain from defecating in a diaper. To ensure the comfort of your furry friend, always consider getting the correct fit for them.

Why can’t my dog hold his poop anymore?

Bowel incontinence in dogs falls under two categories: reservoir incontinence and sphincter incontinence. Reservoir incontinence can be caused by a disease that disables the rectum from storing or holding stool normally. Meanwhile, sphincter incontinence happens when the anal sphincter cannot hold a closed position, then feces leak out.

Why does my dog leak urine when lying down?

Your dog may be experiencing urethral disorders. This condition happens when the urethra does not close tightly, and so leakage occurs.

Can you use pull ups for dogs?

Yes, you can use pull up diapers for your dog. Straddle the back of your dog with your legs, put their legs in the diaper’s holes, and then pull it up. This type of diaper is much easier to put on than those with tabs. But make sure that they are a perfect fit for your dog; otherwise, it might slip.

How do you keep dog diapers on?

 It is a challenge to keep dog diapers on, especially for active dogs. There are available dog diaper straps and belly bands to harness and hold the dog diapers in place as a solution for this worry.

How do you wash dog diapers?

For washable dog diapers, soak soiled diapers first before washing. After, put them in a washing machine with laundry detergent and warm water. You can add 1 cup of white vinegar. Refrain from using fabric softener or bleach because it might damage the waterproof coating.

Can dogs wear diapers all day?

Yes, dogs can wear diapers all day, but it is essential to change them often, especially when soiled. It is recommended to change diapers every 3-4 hours to prevent infection, rash, and irritation.

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