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85 Dog Puns That Will Leave You Howling In Laughter

Having a ruff day? Don’t worry; The Furry Companion is here to cheer you up. By using the power of wordplay, we bring you: dog puns. Man’s best friend is now your favorite type of joke. These humorous sayings will have you rolling around in laughter, just like your canine friends.

So let’s get into it!

Card-Worthy Wordplay

Taking a look at these dog puns, we think they belong on greeting cards that you give out during special occasions! If you’re looking to encourage a friend or express love for your significant other, send them these lines. They’re sure to brighten anyone’s day.

dog smiling
Source: Flickr
  1. Let me hug you. It looks like you had a ruff day at work.
  2. Happy howl-idays to you and your family.
  3. I’m sorry. Please fur-give me.
  4. Howl you doing today?
  5. Are you having a bad year? That bites.
  6. Anything is paw-sible when you believe in yourself.
  7. You look paw-ful. Get better soon!

Why not ask your V-day date in style through dog puns?

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day. I ruff you very much.
  2. My love for you is fur real.
  3. I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life.
  4. Howl I live without you?
  5. I have a confession to make; I’m mutts about you.

And if you think that sending them through a text isn’t enough, you can send them an actual card! The Best Card Company has many designs for dog owners and lovers. Go ahead and pick your favorite dog pun from our list, jot it down, write a message, and mail them your greeting.

Paw-pular Culture

TV, films, books, and music: undeniably, these things are what make our lives enjoyable a lot of times. Pop culture is so rich that there’s a lot of content for us to use for wordplay. See if you can understand the references.

  1. My dogs are very fond of poetry. They love William Shakes-paw.
  2. I like to read to my dogs at bedtime. They’re a big fan of the Hairy Paw-ter series by J.K. Growling.
  3. What’s a dog’s favorite book? Catch 22.
  4. Star Wars? My dog loves those films! His favorite is Chew-bark-a.

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  1. If Darth Vader had a pet, he’d be a dog trying to get you to come over to the bark side.
  2. They played old films on television last night. My dog really enjoyed the Wizard of Paws.
  3. My dog loves Pink Floyd. His favorite album is Bark Side of the Moon.
  4. Did you hear about the famous dog detective, Sherlock Bones?

We’re sure the literary sleuth would enjoy the dog puns alongside his Hound of the Baskervilles case.

  1. My dog is really into rock music. He loves Muttley Crew.
  2. These Beverly Hills pups are pretty pawsh.

How About Some Chow?

Food brings everyone together. So it’s only natural that some puppy jokes are about chow time. Here are some of the funniest food-centric dog puns that have us in stitches.
  1. Do you know what your dog is craving in the morning? Woofles.
  2. My dog stole a slice of pizza off my plate. I guess he knew it had extra pup-peroni. 
  3. Bring your dogs over this weekend. We’ll have a bark-b-q.
  4. You and your puppies should come over for movie night. We’ll make extra pup-corn.
  5. What did the chef say after serving gourmet dog food? Bone-Appetit.
  6. Did you hear about the new popular autumn drink? A Pug-in spice latte.

Speaking of pumpkin spice lattes, someone came up with a recipe for the fall favorite that’s suitable for dogs. After you finish whipping one of those up for your canine friend, go ahead and grab one for yourself. You can enjoy your warm drink in a cute mug from Teagas or a tumbler from Tervis.

Welcome to Paw-llywood

Even those who live a life full of glitz and glamour aren’t safe from silly jeu de mots. See if you can recognize these celebrities whose names have been puppy-fied through dog puns.
  1. Who’s a dog’s favorite actor? Clint Eastwoof.
  2. Who’s their favorite MCU actor? Bark Ruffalo.

A big fan of dogs, Tom Holland may not be happy over these dog puns, knowing that he’s not #1.

  1. Who’s my dog’s favorite actress? Howly Berry.
  2. My dog was a big fan of the TV show Scrubs. He couldn’t get enough of Zach Bruff.
  3. Have you seen Annie Hall? My dog loves Woofy Allen.
  4. My dogs enjoyed watching Sandra Bulldog on television last night.
  5. Who’s a dog’s favorite voice actor? James Earl Bones.
  6. Have you heard of that famous reality pooch, Kim Kar-dachshund?
  7. My dog is excellent at hiding. He’s like the Great Hound-ini.

Comical names like these are hard to resist. If you’re still looking for a name for a new furry addition to your family, these puns are some creative suggestions. We’re sure they’ll look great on a beautiful collar from Blueberry Pet.

Breed-centric Dog Puns

golden retriever dog
Source: Needpix

When it comes to adopting dogs, the pedigree doesn’t matter. Mixed breeds are just as loveable as purebreds. Regardless, breed names do give us more content to turn into dog puns. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Who’s a dog’s favorite Avengers? Labra-Thor.
  2. My pup loves going to the beaches. She’s a real Collie-fornia girl.
  3. What did the pet magician say? Labra-cadabra!
  4. What are you worried about? Pug-et about it and relax.
  5. My neighbor lost her dog yesterday. The police came over and assured her that they would Retriever.
  6. My dog is part of a gang now. He’s all about that Pug-life.
  7. It’s raining pretty hard today. Be careful to avoid the Poodles of water.
  8. Our neighbor’s dog has been howling all night. I bet his voice is a little Husky today.
  9. Did you know that Dracula owned a dog? He was a real Bloodhound.

We’re sure these dog puns will have the vampire rolling over in his coffin.

  1. The snowfall got our dogs excited. They were Dachshund through the snow all morning.
  2. My Dalmatian isn’t good at “hide and seek.” He’s always easily spotted.
  3. You don’t have to keep apologizing. Don’t Terrier-self over a small mistake.
  4. Our Dachshunds were out under the sun all day at the beach. I’ll tell you; those were some real hotdogs.
  5. My pup was extra sneaky today. He was in-Corgi-to.
  6. Did you see that? That dog was such a Mastiff-size.
  7. My dog seems down lately. She’s experiencing major melan-Collie.
  8. My dog slept too long, woke up with a Mastiff neck.
  9. Corgi’s have big paw-steriors.
Source: Wikimedia

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Hounding Around With Other Jokes

Here at The Furry Companion, we found dozens of other dog puns that don’t quite fit into these categories. Nevertheless, they were too funny for us to keep to ourselves. 

  1. It sure is cold today. Stay warm, or your dog will turn into a pup-sicle. If you’re not careful, they might even catch frostbite.
  2. We don’t let our dogs on the couch. It’s fur-bidden.
  3. I think my dog experienced a haunting. He could be paw-sessed.
  4. I’m a real party animal. I like to raise the woof.
  5. People like to take pictures of my dog when we go out for a walk. It’s almost like pup-arazzi was following us. They’re very persistent too. They won’t stop hounding us.
  6. I’d be happy to walk your dog while you’re away. It’s the leash I can do to help.
  7. Do you know Pavlov? His name sure rings a bell.
  8. My dog and I share the same favorite holiday: Howloween.
  9. I walked in on my dogs destroying the couch pillows. I guess I inter-ruff-ted them mid-crime.

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Source: PxFuel

Even more dog puns!

  1. I bet dogs would make great branch managers.
  2. When I was young, I couldn’t choose between being a veterinarian or a physician. I guess if I had become both, you could call me a dog-tor.
  3. During playtime, my dogs love ruff-housing.
  4. I was disappointed with the results of the dog race. I think the ruff-eree rigged the game.
  5. My dog’s actions have been confusing me lately. Maybe vets can shed some light on the matter.
  6. I went to a puppy cafe yesterday. I thought I was going to Rover-dose on the cuteness.
  7. You should see a dentist. It looks like one of your canines is loose.
  8. I heard dogs can’t dance very well. After all, they’ve got two left feet.
  9. Did you know that my dog’s great at finding bones? He has a major in barchaeology.
  10. My dog and I tried out meditation the other day. It was relaxing to paws and reflect on life.
  11. One of my colleagues said he didn’t like dogs. I thought he was pre-paws-terous.
  12. There is only one place a dog can’t shop at: the flea market.

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  1. Your dog’s outfit looks fab! Watch out for pup-parazzis!
  2. Please fur-give me if I can’t get enough of your dog’s getup.
  3. Is your dog a fashionista? She absolutely has the corg-key to my heart.
  4. It’s ruff when you have to bring your sassy dog for grooming.
  5. My dog is paw-sibly the most gorgeous furry friend on the planet!
  6. That’s a cute outfit on your canine friend. It’s especially fetching
  7. I like how you’ve groomed your dog. I dig the new look.
  8. Your dog looks so different after their haircut. It’s like a complete trans-fur-mation.
  9. That pup is beautiful; she should be on the cover of Vanity Fur.
Source: Pixabay

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Have you had enough of our doggone dog puns? We hope that you enjoyed them. Our furry friends not only cheer us up with their antics, but they’ve inspired some pretty good jokes as well. It goes to show that pups are indeed our fur-iends.

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