To Pet or Not to Pet


How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a Pet Ferret

At The Furry Companion, we love all types of pets. Ferrets, like cats and dogs, are animals that can be a great friend for the household. They also share characteristics with both cats and dogs. While they sleep a lot like felines, they can be sociable like canines. So how do you prepare yourself for a pet ferret? Let’s look at the things you need to be aware of before you bring your furry buddy home.

pet otter

FAQs for Aspiring Pet Otter Owners

If you are looking for an extremely exotic pet, your head must be spinning because of the number of them. Well, look no further because The Furry Companion has the cutest exotic pet for you. Becoming all the rage in Japan, this fascinating animal has outdone mischievous owls, ancient tortoises, and sugar gliders in popularity. It’s the slick and energetic pet otter!

pet skunk

What to Expect When You Own a Pet Skunk

“Why would someone even think of having a skunk as a household pet?!” might be anyone’s initial reaction to the idea of a pet skunk. But really, we can’t blame them. Skunks are infamously known to “smell bad,” making them a nightmare when they drop by for an unexpected visit during summer camps. Their scent is known to be so bad that it sticks to clothing for a few days even after washing. Which leads us to the question: can you really own a pet skunk? Here, we answer some of the questions about pet skunks.

teacup dogs

Should You Really Own a Teacup Dog?

If you are Paris Hilton or just a certified dog-lover, you would know what teacup dogs are. The past two decades have been a time for “designer dogs” to be on-trend. You might be familiar with terms like “Maltipoo,” “puggle,” or “labradoodle.” All these dog breeds are “designed” to exhibit a specific type of look to appeal to some people. Teacup dogs are another prime example of a “designer dog.”