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    To Pet or Not to Pet

    pet monkey

    Pet Monkey: 10 Genuine and Terrifying Reasons to Not Own One

    Thinking of having a pet monkey? Then, think hard again. Primates like monkeys may have a close link to humans in evolutionary terms. But living with them is far different than living and caring for another human being. They mature in age, but they are mentally kids for the rest of their lives. Having a …

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    best pet birds

    Shake Your Feathers with the 11 Best Pet Birds

    You know what they say—birds of the same feather flock together. And true to these old words, finding the best pet bird you jive with is a starting step to a successful human–pet relationship. According to the American Museum of Natural History, there are about 18,000 bird species worldwide. Among this vast number of feathered …

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    Should You Own Pet Raccoon?

    These days, animal lovers rave about making exotic animals as pets. Wild animals like foxes, owls, otters, and, now, raccoons made it to the list of must-have pets. Unique animals like these elevate the status of the owner, but there is a myriad of things to consider before pushing through with your pet raccoon dreams. We at The Furry Companion would like to give you a rundown of all the things you ought to know about a pet raccoon.

    Owning an Irresistible Ferret: 7 Essentials and Basics You Need to Know

    At The Furry Companion, we love all types of pets. Ferrets, like cats and dogs, are animals that can be a great friend for the household. They also share characteristics with both cats and dogs. While they sleep a lot like felines, they can be sociable like canines. So how do you prepare yourself for a pet ferret? Let’s look at the things you need to be aware of before you bring your furry buddy home.