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Owning a Dazzling Pet Skunk: 18 Insider Questions You Need to Ask

pet skunk
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“Why would someone even think of having a skunk as a household pet?!” might be anyone’s initial reaction to the idea of a pet skunk. But really, we can’t blame them. Skunks are infamously known to “smell bad,” making them a nightmare when they drop by for an unexpected visit during summer camps. Their scent is known to be so bad that it sticks to clothing for a few days even after washing. Which leads us to the question: can you really own a pet skunk? Here, we answer some of the questions about pet skunks.

Pet Skunk FAQs

Final Thoughts

As with any other pets, owning a pet skunk requires time, money, patience, and loads of dedication. They might need more attention and love, but eventually, you will find pet skunks worth it. Be ready to face different challenges. Take as much time as you need in deciding whether you want to go down this road. Most owners resort to abandoning their pet skunks once they become too frustrated with the responsibility.

The internet offers lots of information about what you should know when you own a pet skunk. You can also ask veterinarians, local pet shelters, and breeders for more information. Whatever you decide, we hope that The Furry Companion helped you in your journey. To future pet skunk owners, good luck!


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