Top 20 Drizabone Products Perfect for Furry Companions and Their Owners

Over the years, different businesses have designed numerous clothing transformations made explicitly for specific climates and occasions. However, stockman coats remained stagnant as other styles of clothing pushed their boundaries to improve our way of life. Fortunately, one equestrian retail shop stood up and changed the waxed coat industry forever. And that is Drizabone. 

The Furry Companion is here to help you know its products more. 

About Drizabone

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Drizabone, originating from the phrase “dry as a bone,” is an Australian company that produces water-resistant coats and apparel. It started as a business to serve stockmen with waterproof jackets. Over time, the company grew and tweaked its product designs to account for several factors like horse riding. Drizabone has garnered its reputation by providing coats that are simple, comfortable, and long-lasting. Its brand certainly has the renown of being dependable and trustworthy.

If you want to step up your fashion game, consider looking up Drizabone and pick your best bet. Here are the top 20 Drizabone products that you should buy for you and your dog.

For Your Fashion Needs

Well-known for its long list of waxed coats, Driza-Bone continues to service men and women with their top of the line expertise. Their long tenure means that they are unequaled in providing knowledge and helpful service throughout Europe and the UK.

20. Drizabone Sock Protectors 


Dirt, mud, undergrowth, wood shavings, and grass seeds can be a hassle if it starts to clump inside your shoes. Thorns, twigs, and burrs that are suspended near the opening of the boot may cause skin wounds if left unchecked. Walking through ankle-level grass fields may cause inconvenience, primarily when ticks are inhabiting the area. With Driza-Bone Sock Protector, you can be at ease that no foreign material will fall inside your boots and socks. You can try this similar sock protector product.

Driza-Bone Sock Protector is the perfect accessory for both your footwear and feet. Made from durable heavyweight waxed cotton, it is designed to protect your shoes from all weather conditions. As a recommendation, wear long pants to achieve better results. It is available in brown and can be used by anyone as it is free-size.

19. Driza-Bone Oilskin Wax Reproofer

Oilskins are heavyweight because they are cotton tightly woven together to form a sturdy fabric. Not only that, but it is also treated with pigments and mineral oil to make it waterproof. If you want to maintain your favorite waxed coat in pristine condition, an oilskin wax reproof should be used. The water repellency and overall quality of the jacket will last longer with Driza-Bone Oilskin Wax Reproofer. It is specially formulated to work well with the sturdiness of the material.

Just mix it with an appropriate amount of hot water. Use a paintbrush to apply the mixture evenly across the material. Allow it to dry and cure on your coat’s surface. You may also use a dryer to achieve better results.

Driza-Bone currently offers the Oilskin Wax Reproofer in 400 grams. One tin can is sufficient to reproof one riding coat. They also provide a 125-milliliter reproofer spray that allows you to apply the product on your jacket directly.

18. Drizabone Desert Wax Reproofer

One significant difference of desert wax fabric when compared to oilskin is it does not leave any oily residue. It is still made from cotton fabric but finished by baking wax to make it waterproof. Additionally, one may consider it as the evolved version of the traditional oilskin as it is much lighter. Keep in mind, however, that it’s still a waxed fabric and should be reproofed from time to time. This is where Driza-Bone Desert Wax Reproofer comes into play.

Depending on how often the rider coat is used, Driza-Bone recommends proofing your garment at least once a year. The application of the reproofer should still be the same, and one 400-gram tin should reproof one riding coat. This product can be used for the Brookland and Ladysmith coat.

17. Driza-Bone Midweight Detachable Hood


Full head protection is what the Driza-Bone Midweight Detachable Hood offers. It is made from 100% midweight cotton dry-wax fabric to ensure that the wearer is protected from elements. It is well-designed so that it would never impede the line of sight of the wearer. And because it is a midweight fabric, it provides a perfect balance of durability and stiffness to the wearer. If not in use, it can be detached and folded for safekeeping purposes.

This product has studs on each side, which are attached to the popper of the coat. However, it is only compatible with the “Avanti” Midweight Dry-Wax Coats, either in full length or three-quarter length. If you need a detachable hood for your ranger waxed coat, you may use the heavyweight version instead. You can try this similar product.

16. Drizabone Wax Slouch Hat


Original Driza-Bone jackets should go hand in hand with suitable headwear. Driza-Bone Wax Slouch Hat perfectly complements this type of clothing because it is also made from oilskin. Also known by the name of “digger hat” and “Australian bush hat,” slouch hats have a wide-brimmed cloth. And it is quite convenient as well because it can be folded and crushed when not in use. This makes it a viable option against unexpected rains.

The Driza-Bone Slouch Hat is made from heavyweight wax fabric and is soft-finished for durability. It is designed with air vents to ensure that it can be folded and kept inside the pocket. Driza-Bone currently offers this product in brown and black colors. It is available from small to extra large sizes.

15. Driza-Bone Merino Wool Lining


If you need apparel that goes well with your attire, this product is for you. Driza-Bone Merino Wool Lining is made from pure wool knitted with polyester backing. It is designed to give you the extra layer of warmth that you need during colder climates. And it does not lag in terms of fashion as it has an easy to button inlining. It also has bound edges and accessible pocket slit where you can keep your foldable hats. 

Although it is an optional apparel to wear, it is a good idea to add this to your wardrobe. It is a practical choice for a Drovers coat, traditional riding coats, and three-quarter length coats. As of this writing, Driza-Bone offers sizes from 2XS up to 6XL. They only have a white base and black lining design.

14. Drizabone Hudson Wax Bucket Hat

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People who are looking for hats with conservative style should definitely try this next product. Hudson Wax Bucket Hat shines through with its simplistic yet modern design. It has a narrower brim compared to most hats. It also contains a clean looking embroidered Driza-Bone logo near the base of the crown. Like the Wax Slouch Hat, it can be easily folded and stored in your pocket. 

Even though it is made from heavyweight cotton fabric, it is still comfortable even after prolonged use. Hudson Wax Bucket Hat is an outdoor hat worn best in tropical locations. Driza-Bone only offers brown color, ranging from small to medium size.

13. Driza-Bone Original Wax Full-Length Coat

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An all-time favorite, Driza-Bone Original Wax Coat is used for gamekeeping, horse riding, and farming. But it is now viewed as a viable city wear for its stylish design and fresh look. The cut of the cape protects the body parts that are most likely exposed to the rain and cold. Heavy-duty double stitches were applied in the areas with the highest stress to make it more durable. 

The Original Wax Coat is one of the ranges of Driza-Bone’s merchandise that offers superior protection and durability. Although the Rider Coat superseded it, it remains as one of Driza-Bone’s classics. For those who do not want a coat that extends below the knee, Driza-Bone also offers a three-quarter length variant. It comes in olive and brown colors, at 2XS sizes.

12. Drizabone Rider Full-Length Wax Coat


If you want a stylish coat that offers full-body protection, the rider coat is just what you need. Historically, a rider coat is designed to protect the wearer while horse riding. Known as the iconic stockman’s coat of Driza-Bone, this coat performs well under the harshest of conditions. Sleeves are extended to allow a more extensive range of motion for arms, with adjustable wrist tabs to hold it in place. This coat has a more spacious legroom to allow excellent mobility and large pockets to keep valuables from environmental elements. 

Driza-Bone Rider Wax Coat has shoulder cape and storm flaps as an added layer of protection. It is made from heavyweight 12-ounce oilskin fabric to make it durable against rain and wind conditions. It truly offers superior protection for the wearer. This product is available from extra small to 6XL sizes.

11. Driza-Bone Wax Sou’Wester


Whether you want a hat that can withstand heavy rain or scorching hot summer, Sou’Wester is for you. It is an ideal choice for all weather conditions as it is made from heavyweight oilskin fabric for maximum durability. It allows a snug fit for the wearer’s head as it has a large brim. Not only that, but the hat is also designed to extend down the back to protect the neck from elements. It also comes with a chin strap to prevent the hat from getting swept by strong winds.

One of the all-time classics, Driza-Bone Sou’Wester has proven its worth and gained massive popularity among fishermen. As of now, Driza-Bone offers this hat in brown color, ranging from small to large sizes.

10. Drizabone Polyfleece Removable Liner


Winter is fast approaching, and you cannot be bothered by heavyweight coats? Then Driza-Bone Polyfleece Removable Liner is your number one solution! Polyfleece came from polyester woven into a light fabric to imitate the texture of natural material like rayon or wool. And because it is lightweight, you won’t have to worry about the bulk that you encounter from heavyweight coats. 

Just like the liners mentioned above, it is easy to use because it has buttons to join both linings together. This lightweight liner matches well with Driza-Bone Ranger, Driza-Bone Drovers, and Driza-Bone Rider Coats. The size of this product ranges from 2XS to 6XL.

9. Driza-Bone Wax Brumby Jacket


Fashion and versatility should never be sacrificed for the sake of durability. If you are looking for a jacket that completes your statement style, a bomber jacket is for you. Driza-Bone Wax Brumby Jacket is an Australian classic bomber style jacket suitable for both urban and rural wear. Because of its well-rounded functionality, it is the ideal pick for people who are looking for a robust yet fashionable wear. It is made with the traditional 100% cotton heavyweight oilskin to protect the wearer from harsh weather conditions.

The outer surface of the jacket is weaved cotton in a series of diagonal, parallel ribs. The inner layer is cotton corduroy for a cozy and comfortable feeling. The cuffs and waistbands allows you to easily adjust the jacket to your liking. Driza-Bone Wax Brumby Jacket comes in small, XL, and 2XL.

8. Drizabone “Avanti” Midweight Waxed Full-Length Coat


Next is the Driza-Bone “Avanti” Midweight Waxed Full-Length Coat. Original and Avanti share the same functionality, but the Avanti coat has the advantage of being lighter for streetwear use. This is perfect for people who are looking for full body protection without the bulk of a heavyweight coat. The Avanti coat’s material is midweight, dry-wax fabric cotton that offers excellent water resistance like the Driza-Bone Original Heavyweight counterpart.

A full-length coat covers you until mid-calf. If this is not to your liking, Driza-Bone also offers a three-quarter length variant. Both of these variants have shoulder cape, storm flaps, storm cuff, front pockets, riding vent, leg straps, and stud fastening. The Avanti Midweight Coat facilitates both the Merino wool lining and the midweight detachable hood. Colors could either be a brown stripe or plain black, and sizes are only available in 2XS or 4XL. 

7. Driza-Bone Wax Bushman Jacket

If you are looking for the next best thing after a bomber jacket, then a bushman jacket should be in your bucket. Driza-Bone Wax Bushman Jacket offers full flexibility; you can use it either for leisure or work. Its material is traditional heavyweight cotton oilskin, treated with natural paraffin to gain resistance against water. Like the brumby jacket, the lining is sturdy cotton twill. You can pair this product with a heavyweight detachable hood for increased protection against the weather.

This product comes in 2XL and 3XL sizes. As of this writing, it only comes in brown color.

6. Drizabone Wax Top Ender

Can’t choose a suitable hat for the event? Why not choose the best hat for ALL events?

Driza-Bone Wax Top Ender is one of the best hats as it perfectly complements any coat. Subsequently, you can use this hat for all occasions. Made from traditional Driza-Bone oilskin fabric, the Top Ender hat can retain its shape. It has a pinched front, flat brim, and deep crown to give the wearer a sharper appeal. The two holes on both sides of the top ensure proper air ventilation of your head.

Driza-Bone offers this product in brown color and small size.

5. Driza-Bone Drover Heavyweight Oilskin Coat


The fifth spot of this list goes to the Drover Heavyweight Oilskin Coat for its simplicity and aesthetic value. Despite its shorter length when compared to other Driza-bone coats, it delivers excellent protection and functionality. Additionally, you may add a detachable heavyweight hood and two buttons in the linings for an extra layer of warmth. It is indeed the best pick for both country and city wear. You can try this similar oilskin coat product.

This coat’s material is 12-ounce heavyweight oilskin fabric, which means that it is water-resistant. Like any other Driza-Bone apparel, please be aware that oilskin garments may leave oil residue onto other fabrics. In line with this, kindly store your coats away from porous materials like cotton, silk, and wool. This product comes in 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes, with brown as the only color.

4. Drizabone Ranger Wax Coat


This is Driza-Bone’s latest entry for the iconic three-quarter-length heavyweight coat. It is the shorter version of the Rider full-length coat, specifically tailored for people who prefer mid-length attires. Its material is Driza-Bone premium oilskin fabric, which grants the wearer superior rain and wind resistance. This coat offers the same functionalities as any other Driza-Bone Heavyweight Coats. It also has an embroidered Driza-Bone branding on the front pocket.

Driza-Bone offers this product in brown, ranging from 2XS to 6XL.

3. Driza-Bone Wax Jumbuck Vest


If you need a vest that’s akin to a less bulky reporter jacket, then Jumbuck Vest is for you. With its minimalistic yet sleek design, Driza-Bone Wax Jumbuck Vest delivers maximum weather protection to its wearer. It has two bellowed pockets with studded flaps and a zipper chest pocket to keep all mobile devices. The back portion of the vest is longer to provide adequate warmth while seated. The outer layer is oilskin, while the inner lining is 100% fleeced wool.

The Jumbuck Vest comes from small to 2XL sizes.

For Your Dog

If you think that Driza-Bone’s roster ends in men and women apparel, think again! They went the extra mile to ensure that our furry companion receives the best treatment as much as we do. While the list of dog coats can be counted with one hand, the quality of each variant is truly exceptional. Here are the current available options as of this writing:

2. Drizabone Apsley Wax Dog Coat


Feeling generous towards your dog? Give them something nice and warm to wear with Driza-Bone Apsley Wax Dog Coat. Made from oilskin fabric, the coat ensures that they stay warm and dry amidst cold weather. It has an adjustable velcro and studded closure to ensure that it fits well on their belly and neck, respectively. It also has two studded pockets where you can store either dog treats or poop-scooping equipment.

This product is available from 2XS to M to cater to toy dog breeds and average-sized dogs.

1. Drizabone Ashfield Dog Coat


If you want to give the best for your dog, it’s time to upgrade to a wool-lined dog coat. Driza-Bone Ashfield Dog Coat offers the same functionalities as the Apsley counterpart but with an added wool fleece. And it’s not just any other wool—it’s a Merino wool. It’s softer than the regular wool, making it easy to wear next to the skin. You can be confident that your dog receives the best treatment with the Ashfield dog coat.

This product caters to toy dog breeds and large dog breeds, ranging from 2XS to 2XL.

Key Takeaways When Buying Waxed Coats and Accessories

When it comes to choosing the best waxed coats for you and your dog, only select the best brand. Driza-Bone’s overall experience has given them a competitive edge when it comes to providing high-quality apparel. They continue to instill the philosophy of simplicity, longevity, and comfort when it comes to servicing the wearers.

And they’re not just stopping there! They also offer wax coat cleaning to ensure that you get the most out of your layers. If you want to know more about their products and services, you may head to Webury’s or Outback Red’s website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drizabone made from?

The Oilskin jackets and coat are made from 100% cotton. It has a coating of a unique formulation of wax and oil. The primary purpose of the surface is to make the Oilskin still breathable despite being weatherproof.e

Are Driza Bone jackets waterproof?

Yes, Driza-Bone jackets are waterproof. The jacket is made from cotton with paraffin wax finish. This wax coating repels both water and wind, making it suitable for outerwear. The 100% cotton material makes it both comfortable and breathable.

Is Driza Bone Australian made?

Yes, the production of all the customary Oilskin products is in Australia. All the garment designs and tests happen in-house at the head office in Abbotsford, Victoria. Due to the decline of manufacturing in Australia, some products are manufactured in China. The company continues to uphold Australian standards of quality strictly despite being produced overseas.

Is Drizabone Australian owned?

Yes, Driza-Bone is Australian owned. It is a company that makes full-length waterproof apparel and coats. It has been in the business since 1898.

Can you wash a Drizabone?

It will help if you do not wash a Driza-Bone as it affects the waterproof characteristics. To clean, just brush off the dirt with cold water and a sponge. If you ever cleaned your Driza-Bone with detergent, it will need reproofing.

How do you care for Drizabone?

Always store it in a dry, clean, and well-ventilated area. Refrain from keeping it a plastic bag or a cupboard for an extended period because it causes molds. Avoid placing the coat in porous surfaces as it rubs the wax and oil off, which keeps the garment dry.

How do I reproof my Drizabone?

First, liquify the Driza-Bone Wax by placing the tin in hot water. Get a paintbrush with soft bristles, then apply the Reproofer on to the garment. Put the clothing on a flat surface. While applying, pay more attention to areas such as the neck, shoulder, and seams. Dry the garment under the sun or with a blow dryer on the lowest setting. Hang the clothing to cool.

What is a Drizabone coat?

Driza-Bone is a brand that makes waterproof coats. The name came from the phrase “dry as a bone.” It is Australia’s leading outerwear brand. Driza-Bone claims that they are the equivalent for Australians of the Burberry Trench Coat for English.

Who owns Drizabone?

Drizabone has quite the ownership story. In the 1980s it was acquired by Belstaff, a British motorcycling company. There were then some more ownership changes in its history, but most significant is its return to Australian ownership in 2008, thanks to some private group investors. It is currently owned by the Propel Group.

Is Driza-Bone waterproof?

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