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Best Low Calorie Cat Food

We in The Furry Companion believe that we should not sacrifice the health of our cats whenever they fill their tummies! Thus, there is a need to find healthy low calorie cat food

Overeating and eating high-calorie food can cause your cats to be obese. Obesity poses health risks for cats such as cancer, heart disease, and urinary problems, among others. Carolyn McDaniel, VMD says that “Obesity in cats is definitely a growing problem. Probably 50 percent of cats seen at veterinary clinics these days are overweight, if not obese.” Thus, your cats need healthy food to avoid these problems. Good food means a long and healthy life for kitty cats!

To guide you in your search for the healthiest cat food, we compiled the best low calorie cat food for your pets!

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Instinct Raw Boost Low Calorie Cat Food

Instinct Raw Boost offers different recipes for the cravings of your cat. This low calorie cat food flavors are chicken, duck, salmon, and rabbit, all of which grew in a cage-free environment and farms. You can feed your kitty with low calorie cat food that does not intentionally harm other animals!

Aside from being animal-friendly, all of the ingredients used in every pack of Instinct Raw Boost  Cat Food are 100% natural. No harmful chemicals will be ingested by your cat whenever you feed him or her with Instinct Raw Boost.

Instinct Raw Boost also boasts of higher omegas, which aid in strengthening the skin and fur of your cat. Aside from this, it also contains more antioxidants, which help in enhancing the immune system of your kitty! More importantly, this is high in protein, which makes it an ideal low calorie cat food!. Check out Instinct Raw Boost on Amazon here.

Twin Critters Codder Tots Low Calorie Cat Treat

Twin Critters Low Calorie Cat Treat, on the other hand, has only one ingredient: whitefish. The fresh whitefish fillet used in this product was from Iceland. There are no dangerous artificial preservatives that may be ingested by your cats since there is only one ingredient.

Aside from being a low calorie cat food, Codder Tots Treat is also abundant in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids not only aid in strengthening the skin and coat of your cat, but such fatty acids also improve the overall health of your cats.

Codder Tots Treat prides itself on delivering less than six calories per treat! With this amount of calories, your cat will surely lose the desired weight in a little time. This treat is great if you want your cat to lose weight without cutting back on their needed nutrients!

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Blue Wilderness Control Chicken

Blue Wilderness sustains the required nutrients for your adult cats. Its ingredients are deboned chicken with no by-products, berries such as cranberries and blueberries, sweet potatoes, and carrots. These ingredients are responsible for the balanced and healthy meal of your cat.

Control Chicken also contains a lot of fiber, which helps in the proper digestion of your cats. Taurine, which is responsible for healthy heart and eyes, is also one of the nutrients contained in every pack of Blue Wilderness Control Chicken!

Aside from these nutrients, Control Chicken also has L-Carnitine, which aids in maintaining the desired weight of your cat. Blue Wilderness Control is an excellent way for your adult cat to lose weight and maintain it! See what customers say about Blue Wilderness here.

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe

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An FDA-approved environment is the site of preparation for every pack of Purrfect Bistro cat food. That means high-quality food for your kitties! You do not need to worry about unsafe procedures that may harm the tummy of your pet.

This cat food is rich in protein to provide energy for your cats. Its ingredients are deboned chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes, and peas. The chicken and turkey provide the protein, while the potatoes and peas provide the carbohydrates.

The Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Healthy Weight Recipe is a perfect low calorie cat food since it has a small number of fats and carbohydrates! “While having a certain amount of carbohydrates and fats is important in feline diets, the demand for these two ingredients is relatively low for overweight cats,” Natalie Stilwell, DVM emphasized. It also provides a balanced diet for your pets!

IAMS Proactive Health Healthy Adult with Chicken

Recommendations from veterinarians for the product strengthens the reputation of IAMS as healthy cat food. The IAMS Healthy Adult With Chicken has no synthetic ingredients. All of the components are deemed necessary for a healthy cat.

Aside from being a healthy food option for cats, IAMS also prevents the occurrence of hairballs. Hairballs are furs that accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract of your pets. It is usual for them to swallow furs; however, it becomes unhealthy when the swallowed hair hampers their digestion.

In terms of weight loss, the primary ingredient of IAMS is chicken, protein-rich food with little calories. It also contains healthy omega fatty acids for the immune system of your cat, which makes it one of the best low calorie cat food.

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Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Liver & Chicken Entrée Cat Food

The Adult Perfect Weight Liver & Chicken Entrée is canned food for your pet. Despite being a canned good, this low calorie cat food is healthy for your cat. With essential nutrients such as calcium and potassium, you can be confident that your cat will develop a healthy heart.

Like the other cat food included on this list, Hill’s Science also has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids responsible for the healthy skin and fur of your cat. Its main ingredient, deboned chicken, provides protein which is essential for muscle maintenance.

The incredible feature of Adult Perfect Weight Liver & Chicken Entrée is its promise to deliver weight loss within two and a half months without compromising the overall health of your cat. With this cat food, your cat can lose weight but retain the necessary nutrients. You can order Adult Perfect Weight Liver & Chicken Entrée online on Amazon here. See Reviews and Ratings.

Avoderm Indoor Weight Control Formula

The exciting part about this Avoderm Weight Control Formula is its main ingredient, avocado! Avoderm sources its high-quality avocados from California. Now, not only you but also your cat can enjoy the fantastic benefits of avocados.

This weight control formula is excellent if you want wet low calorie cat food for your kitty cats! Every can of this control formula from Avoderm has antioxidant nutrients which help strengthen the immune system of your cat. Aside from this, nutritional omega fatty acids are present in this weight control formula from Avoderm to provide a healthy coat to your cats!

Enriched with essential vitamins and nutrients, your cats will surely lose weight without shedding the required nutrients for their growth. You need not sacrifice the well-being of your cat by feeding them low calorie cat food. Give this to your cats for a good change in their diet!

Halo Holistic Healthy Weight Grain Free Wild Salmon and Whitefish Recipe for Indoor Cats

Halo Holistic Healthy Weight Recipe prides itself in providing non-GMO ingredients in cat food. The main ingredients used in this recipe from Halo Holistic are all-natural and not injected with artificial preservatives. The production of Halo Holistic assures the safety of your cats and other animals.

With salmon and whitefish as its main ingredients, every serving of this recipe from Halo Holistic is a good source of protein. These salmon and whitefish are paired with chickpeas to provide the carbohydrates needed by your cats. Aside from these nutrients, this recipe from Halo Holistic also includes vitamins E, A, D3, and B12.

With this, it is undeniable that this healthy weight recipe from Halo Holisitic is excellent low calorie cat food. Feed this to your pet and see the difference. As Halo says, “The Proof Is in the Poop.” See Customer Reviews and Ratings here.

Purina Beyond Grain Free Non-GMO Farm-Raised Wet Cat Food

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This grain-free cat food from Purina offers a wide range of flavors for the cravings of your cat. These recipes are chicken, shrimp, and carrot; Alaskan salmon and spinach; chicken and sweet potato; and Pacific cod, New England herring, and spinach. All of the ingredients used are non-GMO.

The chickens grew in a cage-free farm; the fishes, in the wild. Also, the vegetables are non-artificial. This grain-free wet cat food company responsibly produces every can your cat consumes.

With only 104 kilocalories per can, Purina Beyond stays true to its claim of producing healthy and low calorie cat food for your pets. See customer reviews and ratings here.

Solid Gold Fit as a Fiddle With Fresh Caught Alaskan Pollock

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Solid Gold Fit has fresh Alaskan pollock as its main ingredient. Alaskan pollock is a good source of protein sans the unhealthy fats. It also packs amino acids and 20 superfoods! Solid Gold Fit surely delivers as a healthy and low calorie cat food for your pet.

For your cat to achieve and maintain the perfect weight, feed him or her this Solid Gold Fit! Your cat will surely enjoy this delicious yet healthy treat. Check out the customer reviews and ratings for this low calorie cat food.

Why You Should Feed Your Cat Low-Calorie Food

When your cat experiences increased appetite and you observe its excessive eating habits, it might be suffering from a medical condition called polyphagia. The symptoms of polyphagia include obesity, increased appetite, polydipsia or excessive thirst, polyuria or excessive urination, and inability to properly absorb food.

Polyphagia can be a psychological condition where your cat learns to consume a greater amount of food associated with its aging process. In this case, your cat might be extremely hungry. A low-calorie food should help you in managing the condition of your cat. Consult a veterinarian to monitor your cat’s weight and nutritional intake.

Start The Change Now

Cats make our lives better through their warm companionship and hilarious shenanigans. In return, we should be responsible for taking care of them. One of the ways by which we can ensure their health is to feed them with low calorie cat food. Mark E. Peterson, DVM says that, “High-protein, low-carbohydrate, low-fat diets are ideal for weight loss in cats: they help preserve muscle mass while restricting energy sources that will induce fat loss.” We hope this has helped you choose what to feed your pets.

Always remember that low calorie cat food can sustain the nutrients needed by your cats. Low calorie cat food does not equate to deprivation of nutrients. Good luck on your search for the perfect treat for your cat!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cat food for weight loss?
It is important to maintain the ideal weight of our pets to ensure their healthy state. Best cat foods for weight loss are Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Cat Food, Solid Gold Fit, and AvoDerm Natural Indoor Weight Control.

Does indoor cat food have less calories?
Indoor cats require less calories than outdoor cats. Indoor cats are less active and are sedentary.

Is wet or dry cat food better for weight loss?
Wet cat food is better for weight loss. It has less calories than dry cat food which makes it suitable for cats on a strict diet.

What can I give my cat to help her gain weight?
While it is more often that cats are overweight, there are also instances when cats are underweight. There are foods especially made for cats that need to gain weight like Doc Roy’s Forti Cal Gel, Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats, and Tomlyn Nutri-Cal For Cats.

How many times a day should I feed my cat?
Adult cats are recommended to be fed once or twice a day. On the other hand, kittens need to eat thrice a day.

How do I get my fat lazy cat to lose weight?
It is important to first consult the vet to assess the cat’s condition. Attention should be focused on the diet and calorie-intake of the cat.

What is a KCAL in cat food?
The KCAL used in cat food is the same as the KCAL used by humans. 300 KCAL per cup is said to be optimum for slimming the pets.

Does dry food make cats fat?
Dry cat food tends to make cats fatter because they are convenient and easily accessed. Wet food, on the other hand, contains more water and makes them feel fuller quick.

How many calories should a cat eat on a diet?

What should I feed my overweight cat?

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