Baylee Chihuahua Cross

The Amazing Journey of Baylee the Chihuahua Cross

In this video, we will present our guest Shay Gray and her fur baby chihuahua, Baylee. The Furry Companion will get to know more about her furbaby—how she ended up in the shelter and how much effort her fur parents have given to keep her healthy.

How old is your furry companion?

She is now seven months old.

How was your dog rescued?

My boyfriend and I just thought of adopting a dog, and we decided to go for it. We went ahead to the animal market, where you see a lot of animal cages, which is quite a small space for an animal. We went to the first stall, and from there, we saw Baylee.

When we brought her home, she was so still scared of her new environment. She was also shy and would always hide underneath the cabinet. I usually couldn’t find her right away as she was so small back then.

But one day, we noticed that she was constantly coughing, and after that, she stopped eating and drinking. We thought there was something stuck in her throat, and we went immediately to the veterinarian upon payday. The vet said that kennel cough is normal for dogs and can be treated easily.
However, after two days, we rushed her to the vet again as she was pooping blood. The vet tested her, and her poop included parvovirus. She had measles for dogs.

How were you able to save Baylee from her illness?

We spent a lot of money for her injections and other medications. Most times, she would also get seizures, so Jason and I took turns in watching over her in case something happens to her. But we saw in her eyes that she was tired and was about to give up. Despite this, we still pushed through to help Baylee recover.

How has your life changed before and after Baylee entered in your life?

I have been a dog person ever since. We have a few dogs at our parents’ house, but now they’re old. But ever since living away from them, my boyfriend and I decided to adopt one since we want to have another life around the house.

Ever since Baylee entered my life, she has helped us with our problems. She always brightens up our day, and she would always make sure that we would be happy. Baylee, and dogs in general, provide unconditional love to us. Getting a new dog for myself makes me want more dogs.

What advice can you give to those who want to have a dog?

See to it that the dog fits you. You would feel and see it right away if this particular dog is the right one for you.

In dog adoption centers, we don’t know how dogs are rescued. There may be dogs who have acquired certain kinds of diseases after living in the streets. You can notice through the symptoms they show. 
If you plan to adopt a dog, you must be willing to shell out a lot of money going in and out of the vet.

You must also be prepared to give your utmost effort and to take care and sacrifice anything to make your dog grow healthy with you. After everything you’ve done for them, they will likewise do the same for you as dogs are selfless animals, and they love us unconditionally.

Having a dog at home is expensive, and it takes a lot of time to take care of them. But once a dog is brought home, they surely brighten up the whole household. With their cute antics and adorable ways of showing their unconditional love towards their fur parents, your efforts will pay off, and they deserve all the love in this world.

Final Words for Baylee the Chihuahua

The Furry Companion family wishes Baylee, the chihuahua, a nice and comfortable life with his fur parents. As you embark on your journey to more plays and belly rubs, we hope that more dogs like you can be rescued in the future. We always believe in the power of rescuing animals and providing them with a place they can consider home. But today, Baylee also taught us the value of love and compassion for others.


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