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How to Find a Reliable Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is one of the pet care essentials for our poochies. As dog owners, we always want to make sure that our furry friends will get quality care and treatment from reliable professionals. Great dog groomers keep your dogs clean and healthy. We can also count on them in noticing any signs of skin disease or dangerous health conditions. Due to its importance, we must find the right dog groomer for our canine.

As the dog grooming industry continues to grow, identifying quality facilities and trustworthy dog groomers can be overwhelming. So how can we sort out the best from the worst? We, at The Furry Companion, always got your back in any topics of dog care and treatment. Here are the ways you can find a reliable dog groomer and reasons why grooming is vital for your furries. 

Why Is Dog Grooming Important?

Although the results may not appear instantly, dog grooming is essential in the health and behavior of your doggies. Brushed and clean dogs promote healthy hair growth and have their coat ventilated. With less dirt on their fur, your poochies can feel fresh, can breathe properly, and have low levels of grease in their skin. Grease can cause irritation and skin problems on your furries as it blocks your dogs’ pores.

“Good grooming is essential; dogs are most comfortable when their coats are orderly and free of any mats that tug uncomfortably at their skin,” says  Karen B. London PhD.

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The inability to groom and brush your dogs can result in unfortunate ailments such as sore patches that can lead to huge sores and infection. Most notably, this situation can occur when a dog sheds its fur and gets entangled, resulting in matting. A regular check-up can prevent this from happening since it’s hiding underneath their skin and can be very hard to find.

“Your dog’s hair coat should be brushed regularly to remove shed hair and prevent hair mats. Grooming is especially important for dogs with thick or shaggy hair coats that mat or tangle easily,” John A. Bukowski , DVM, MPH, PhD and co-author point out.

Dog grooming can also clean particular areas where dirt may get stuck and prompt your dogs to act erratically. Regular grooming can make sure that their toes are clean since mud and grass seeds tend to clump there and cause discomfort. It can give you the opportunity for a health check, prevent matting, fleas, sores, general lumps, bumps, scratches that affect your poochies. It can also examine their eyes, ears, and feet conditions.

According to Tammy Hunter, DVM and collaborator, “All dogs benefit from regular grooming to remove loose hairs and dead skin cells, to keep the coat free of dirt, debris, and external parasites, and to distribute natural skin oils along the hair shafts.”

Habitually grooming your dogs promotes healthy blood circulation and a relaxing experience for them. Some dogs aren’t particularly inclined to dog grooming, so brush them often and let them get used to it. Decent dog groomers can provide you the services you need to keep your dogs in a safe and healthy situation.

Characteristics of a Reliable Dog Groomer

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Before knowing how to look for the right dog groomer, you must first find out what are the qualifications that you need. A reliable dog groomer doesn’t only need proper certifications but fitting conduct as well. Here are the characteristics to look for in a dog groomer.

Sufficient Dog Grooming Knowledge

A dog groomer must know how to administer various cutting techniques based on the kinds of hair different dog breeds have. It requires careful scissor work, layering, and an incredible amount of artistic talent. Most notable dog groomers passed professional certification programs, have tons of experiences with dog care, or had worked before to other grooming professionals.  

Precise Eye-Hand Coordination Movements

Dog grooming requires technical skills and immense responsibility since the process can be tricky and complicated. A dog groomer’s precise eye-hand coordination movements can ensure your pup’s safety and achieve the results that you wanted.  


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Patience is one of the crucial traits of a reliable dog groomer. Aside from the technical skills required, a proper attitude can prevent your dog from reacting negatively. A dog groomer must be patient and persistent throughout the entire process since some dogs may be unwilling to cooperate. Some cuts also need a long time to complete, so if a groomer is quick-tempered, it can lead to subpar results and your dog to misbehave. Dog groomers must also know when to give dogs a brief break in the grooming process to avoid them from getting irritated.  

Ability to Manage Temperamental Dogs

Some dogs misbehave due to their unfamiliarity to the environment or standing too long in the grooming table. You want to have a dog groomer that can manage temperamental dogs and conduct safe practices in working. They must have good knowledge of handling canine behavior and identifying whether a dog is in pain or scared. Some dogs are apt to sudden biting or nipping as well, and a reliable dog groomer knows how to prepare for it.   

Knowledge of Dog Anatomy & Health Risks

You want to work with a dog groomer who can identify dogs’ anatomy and signs of health issues, including parasite, skin irritation, or other alarming conditions. A piece of basic knowledge is essential so they can inform owners if veterinarian services are needed. Understanding of canine anatomy can lead to achieving precise cuts appropriate for the designated anatomical features of your dog.  

Exceptional Customer Skills

A dog groomer has to be able to communicate with the pet owners clearly for them to understand what they want and need. Excellent customer skills can show the pet owners that their dogs are in safe hands. They also have to interact well to show respect to their customers and their pets. Dog groomers must also have skills in scheduling, managing expenses, and getting the appropriate supplies. 

How to Find a Reliable Dog Groomer

Since you already know the characteristics of a reliable dog groomer, here are now the ways on how to find them. It can range from getting suggestions, proper researching, and receiving consultations. 

Research & Visit Pet Grooming Salons  

A lot of pet grooming salons showcase their business online for an advertisement to gain supporters and popularity. Look on their website for their services and the accreditations of their pet groomers. If it’s to your liking, you still need to visit the pet salons to observe the validity of it.

To support local businesses in your town or to cut on your travel expenditures, you can opt to visit local pet stores. You can read their bulletin board if there’s any or take brochures, business cards, and flyers. Ask their employees if they have any recommendations for you and your dog. In this way, you can discern whether they know what to do and understand what you need. You can also make sure that they’re knowledgeable, warm, and caring towards your pets. 

Before making an appointment, assess the facility. Check if it’s clean, safe, and provide a healthy environment for your furry friend to attend. It has to be well-lit, the cages should have an appropriate size for your dog, and animals are not staying in a crowded area. You can also observe the equipment they’re using, such as blades and others. Some salons provide live streaming services as well. Ask them if they have this service and take advantage of it. 

Read Online Reviews

Other dog owners express their satisfaction or adverse reaction by giving reviews online to dog grooming salons. Search for available forums or websites to help you make the decision. You can also ask other pet owners online and get notified about the latest reviews. 

Consult with Your Dog’s Veterinarian

You can discuss with your dog’s veterinarian the degrees of grooming and maintenance that your dog demands. Ask him/her about specific ways of grooming, the time needed, or whether it’s appropriate for the condition of your dog. Veterinarians will take into consideration your dog’s breed or your ability to groom your pet. They can also give you a list of credible pet groomers near your area.

Get Suggestions

While walking your dog in the park, observe other owners who have well-groomed dogs and pet the same breed as yours. Approach them and ask for suggestions on dog groomers for you to receive the same quality of dog care their animals have. It will also be helpful if you join community groups of dog lovers to get their opinions on the matter.       

Get in Touch with Your Candidates 

If you are done researching or asking names for pet groomers, you can contact them to get a sense of their approach and attitude. You would want someone who you can get along with, guarantee the safety of your furries, and have the credibility for the job responsibility. Ask them about their background and history in pet grooming. Since some groomers have specialization in caring for particular breeds, inquire if they can work on the breeds of your dogs. 

You can also inform them about the health conditions of your dogs, such as illnesses, and make sure they can provide care for such.    

Review the Costs of Their Service

As much as you want quality care for your furry friends, you also want to make sure that they are not overcharging you. Take into consideration the cost factors that may entail, such as the size, grooming needs, and location of your pups. There is usually a difference in the expenses due to the various sizes, grooming necessities, and styles that the customers want.   

Ask the Dog Groomer’s Training & Credentials

Many dog groomers get their experience through apprenticeship or on-the-job training. A vocational and certificate program qualifies the dog groomer safety habits and bathing practices. They must also have training in monitoring skin disorders and other health conditions in dogs. Check to see if your dog groomer has received certification or a member of a professional society for dog grooming to ensure a thorough and safe experience for your dog.

Trust Your Gut

Although this may seem subjective and judgemental, sometimes you have to trust your gut if a pet groomer can completely give your furries proper care and treatment. Feel the vibe while you’re talking to them or when you visited their facility. Be sure to base your judgments on grounded reasons.

You may also opt to find other pet groomers if your style doesn’t suit theirs. You have to know what you want to consult with your candidates.  

Listen to Your Dog

Concerning trusting your guts, incorporate how your dog reacts to the dog groomer. A dog grooming session has to be an enjoyable experience. Your pet has to feel comfortable and safe. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the dog groomer is terrible; it’s just that different dogs get along with different people.     

Important Questions to Ask Your Dog Groomer

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Here is a list for you to make sure that you will not forget essential questions that you need to ask once you get in touch with a dog groomer. 

  • How long have you been grooming dogs? This question is to make sure that the dog groomer has adequate grooming experience. 
  • Do you have any certifications? This question is to make sure that the dog groomer is appropriately certified to practice dog grooming. 
  • Do you have experience working in a dog breed like my pup? This question ensures that the dog groomer has full capacity and knowledge in dealing with your canine. 
  • What made you prefer pet grooming as a job? This question determines the pet groomer’s passion for animals. 
  • What will you do if my dog misbehaves while grooming? This question helps you make sure that your dogs won’t get mistreated.
  • How do you avoid getting bitten or scratched? This question demonstrates the pet groomer experience and ability to handle animal behavior. 
  • How do you ensure pets’ safety during the grooming process? This question demonstrates the dog groomer’s ability to use grooming tools safely and effectively. 
  • Do you put dogs in a crate? If so, can I observe the space? If there’s a high volume of customers, your dog will likely be in a crate for everyone’s safety and convenience. Make sure that it’s clean, doesn’t smell, and it’s appropriate for the size of your dog.
  • What will happen if my dog has to pee? This question is to understand the salon’s policy regarding potty time. 
  • Do you have a live streaming service so I can watch the dog grooming process? If not, is there a way I can watch it? If it’s possible, take advantage of it, although some pet groomers will occasionally say no to avoid getting distracted. 
  • What is your process to relieve my dog’s anxiety? This question demonstrates the dog groomer’s patience and understanding. 
  • How long will my dog wait for his grooming session? This question is to ensure that they implement proper and reasonable waiting time.
  • What does the grooming package involve? This question is to make sure that you will be getting the service you need and know the cost of it. 
  • What types of dryers does your facility use? This question is to ensure that the pet groomer will be using safe dryers. There are two dryers commonly used: heated and dryers that recirculate air. The latter is the most reliable choice. Heated dryers can lead to heatstroke, especially in smaller pups. 
  • How frequently do you check on dogs that are waiting for their turn? This question is to ensure that there is adequate supervision for your canine. 
  • What kind of products do you use for the dogs? This question is to ensure that your pet will not get allergies. Natural and chemical-free shampoos and soaps are the way to go. 
  • If there’s an emergency, how prepared are you? This question is to know if the pet groomer has medical training in case an accident transpires. 

How Can You Prepare Your Dog for a Grooming Session

Prepare Your Dog at Home

You can avoid your dogs to react negatively to a grooming session if you’re able to prepare them ahead of time. Groom or brush your dogs’ coat at home and increase its duration every day. Make sure to reward them with treats or praise to condition the grooming session into an enjoyable experience. Dogs can get stressful when you take them to a pet shop; preparing them at home can make it manageable and less stressful for you.

Discuss with Your Dog Groomer the Care You Want

You can manage your expectations with the outcome if you are specific with your likes and dislikes. Share information about your dog’s behavior and temperament before going or leaving the facility. With this, your dog groomer can make adjustments for your dog’s comfort. You should also discuss your pet’s health condition if there’s any so that the pet groomer can provide appropriate care and treatment.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Before going to the pet salon, it will be safer if your dogs got their vaccinations and other medications ahead of time. It can ensure the safety of your dogs, the groomer, and the other pets at the facility.

Let dog grooming sessions be a fun experience for our furry friends! Despite the things we desire, we should always consider and listen to what our pups want. Continue searching for a suitable and reliable dog groomer for your furries. You’ll get there!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should dog grooming cost?

On average, dog grooming costs about $30 to $90 depending on the size of your dog and your location. However, if you are on a tighter budget, you can opt for self-service facilities which are around $11 to $23. Meanwhile, if you prefer to have your dog groomed in the comforts of your home, it costs $75 on average.

What does dog groomer do?

The dog groomer is responsible for making sure that the dog is all cleaned. It is his role to work on your pet’s ears, nails, and fur. Usually, a dog groomer can handle all kinds and types of dogs. They often ask owners of their preferences with regards to grooming such as the cut, the shampoo scent, and the like.

Is a dog groomer a good job?

It is an excellent job for those who are passionate about being with and taking care of animals. Since for every day of the work you get to have interactions with the animals, the job will surely feel like a rewarding experience. It’s also good to note that the industry is expanding quickly, and opportunities will surely increase alongside.

Can I groom my own dog?

Of course, you can groom your dog. The only drawback to this is that you and your dog might not be comfortable with the setup. If it is your first time to do grooming, it might take you a while before you master the skills. However, there are a lot of tutorials online where you can learn a thing or two on how to improve on it.

What happens if you don’t groom your dog?

Dogs who don’t get regular grooming are at risk of some severe health consequences. Groomers play a significant role in terms of discovering health conditions that are often hidden under the coat, such as skin condition, cysts, and ear infection.

Is dog grooming a stressful job?

Yes, dog grooming can be quite stressful. Grooming schedules tend to be spaced closely together, especially during instances when some dogs arrive late. Apart from that, it requires lots of patience since dogs have different personalities, and some can be hard to manage.

How often should dogs get groomed?

Ideally, regular grooming should happen at least once a month. But it depends on the breed of the dog, the type of coat, and the hair length. If your dogs have never experienced grooming, it is essential to get them used to the feeling at home by frequently brushing their fur.

Do you bathe a dog before grooming?

Preferably, yes. Bathing before grooming untangles the fur before cutting. It makes the process smoother and less complicated. It also ensures that the dog won’t feel pain because of the tangles in the coat.

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