Adorable Holly Dolly: The Urbanskis’ Furbaby

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What’s the Name of your furbaby:


We tried calling her other names but Holly is the name that really stuck to her.

How old is your furry companion?

So, Daryl adopted her around 2016. The vet said she was around 4 years old around that time. Now, she’s 7 years old.

How was your dog rescued?

We really don’t know up until now what happened to Holly before she got to the shelter. But when she was rescued, she was starving. She was so skinny. She tried to bite one of the staff while trying to reach for her food because she was really starving.

We were guessing that somebody owned her before because she knows the basic commands. She probably just run away and got lost–becoming stray.

What is something unique about your furball?

Holly’s front paws are so ticklish. I’ve been trying to teach her how to do high five but she can’t because her paws are too ticklish. We always try to pick on her by tickling her paws.

Another thing is her gentleness. She is so so so gentle. Holly knows when it’s time to chill so no one can get hurt by playing around. Even after having our daughter, Holly is so so gentle around her.

How did your life change after having your doggie?

For Daryl, Holly helped him to be more emotionally secure. After having her, he didn’t feel the need to jump right away into relationships. Holly became his reliable and trustworthy companion. She is his first daughter.

For me, Holly is the friend I’ve earned for being with Daryl. I know she loves me unconditionally and I feel the same way. Before, I was so afraid of dogs. But after meeting her, I love them now and I want to help them find their forever homes.

For Malaya, Holly is her best friend. She gets so excited every time she hears or sees Holly. Malaya loves our furbaby so much. She always gives Malaya kisses every morning when we wake up and when we go for walks.

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