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Dog House Plans and Ideas for Your Furry Friends

Whether you’re a veteran dog owner or a first-timer, you surely want them inside your house as much as possible. There is no way you wouldn’t want to draft expert dog house plans that will make your dog feel like they are living the dream.

Your dog always provides you with company and unconditional love. They ask nothing in return, so why not show them the same affection by giving them a space they can call their own? With your basic construction skills and some help from your friends or family members, you don’t have to worry anymore. The Furry Companion has gathered the essentials for you to start working on your dog house plans.

Dog House Plans: Wood vs. Plastic

Wooden Dog Houses 

For most pet owners, wooden dog houses have always been the best and most popular option. Compared to other materials, wood is proven to be the cheapest and most durable. Moreover, since wood has a lot of air pockets, it is the best when it comes to insulation.

dog house plans
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Dog houses made out of cedar or lumber are durable and last for years. If you’re thinking about working on your dog house plans, try to consider using cedar and redwood. These are resistant to any form of decay.

Unlike plastic, which becomes fragile over time, wooden materials become sturdier. Dog houses made out of wood are also ideal for outdoor use because it can withstand the elements.

According to Race Foster, DVM and co-author, “The materials for the homemade doghouse can be purchased at any building supply store or lumber yard. As the primary constituent, wood is preferred for at least the inside layer. It can be disinfected to a certain degree, but this can be improved with enamel and/or epoxy paints. “

Pet owners who love to do DIY activities prefer using wood because it offers countless ideas for dog house plans. With wood, the sky’s the limit when it comes to size, shape, and structure. The only problem you might encounter is its heaviness, which could easily be solved by a little help from friends and family members.

Plastic Dog Houses 

One major advantage plastic has over wood is that it is naturally a lightweight material. Most pet owners commonly mistake “plastic” dog houses as the cheap ones. But they’re built with high-quality materials, which come at a cost. Nevertheless, plastic dog houses provide convenience for pet owners and their pet dogs.

dog house plans
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Moreover, unlike wood, plastics are not prone to pests and insects. If you notice something that the dog house is starting to be a home for pests too, you can spray some insect or pest repellent to get rid of them quickly.

Another advantage plastic dog houses have over other types of a dog house is that it is usually airport-approved. That may still depend on its construction, but a lot of plastic models are ideal for travel purposes.

Plastic dog houses are also easy to assemble. You will have no need of tools because pet owners only have to attach and detach the parts together. Plastic materials are also usually decay-proof and can withstand any element such as heat or water. You can order Plastic Dog House in Amazon here.

Other Types of Dog Houses

  1. Metal Dog Houses. Metal is a common material for dog houses. Most of the time, dog hunters or vendors use metal dog houses. At the same time, metal dog houses are rectangular and made from stainless steel or aluminum. If you are considering metal for your dog house plans, turn it into something cozy or comfortable. That way, your dog won’t feel any discomfort.
  2. Fiberglass Dog Houses. Fiberglass is also often seen as a dog house. Pet owners use this material because it never rots, decays, or leaks.
  3. Dog Tents. Dog tents are the most portable out of all dog house types. It is ideal because it is lightweight and portable, especially when you keep your dogs outside. It is generally made out of waterproof materials, so there won’t be any problem if you take it with you on camping or any adventure. Check out Dog Tents in Amazon here.
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Dog House Features


Planning for your dog’s house also includes considering if the structure is warm enough for them. During construction, make sure to build it with quality insulation. Insulating your dog’s home helps in blocking the cold and retaining your dog’s natural heat and warmth.

We recommend ASL Solutions’ Insulated Dog Place. Satisfied users say this insulator is comfortable and perfectly fits their dog house. It can fully insulate the house from heat and cold, and it can even accommodate large dog breeds.

Heater or Heating System 

For those living in colder areas, especially those who experience winter, it is crucial to construct and build a dog house with a heating system.

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Surprisingly, a lot of pet owners believe that because their pets have fur, they can already withstand the cold, which is not true. Even dogs with thick fur can suffer from illness or death if left in freezing weather. A heater inside your dog’s house will protect it from winter or the cold.

Check out Hound Heater’s Dog House Furnace to keep your furry buddy warm. The best reviews say this heater is worth the price. It is durable and has a smart electric outlet, which you can operate from your smartphone. See what customers say about Hound Heater’s Dog House Furnace here.

Cooler or Cooling System 

Just like the heating system, your dog would also need a cooling system primarily if you are located in a tropical country or any place with humid conditions. “Being able to avoid constant direct sunlight in the heat of the summer is very important for a dog,” Dr. Mark Williamson, DVM points out.

Some dog houses, whether they’re made of wood or plastic, can be baking hot. Just like the cold, heat can cause your dog to become ill. It can suffer from heatstroke, or, worse, it may even die. Include a cooling system in your dog house plans for your pet’s convenience.

Try Pro Select’s Dog Cage Fan Cooling System for this need. Positive reviewers say the product keeps their fur baby comfortable.


If you are a pet owner with an adventurous side, considering a portable dog house is a must. Even if you are not going somewhere far from your home, a foldable or collapsible dog house is also convenient, especially in time of emergencies.

Porches, Doors, and Windows 

These dog house features are really up to the pet owners. It leans more towards the aesthetic or the design for the dog’s house, and owners can include these parts if they want it to look more like a “house.”

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Removable Floors 

A lot of pets tend to play in the dirt, so when it comes to cleaning their place, pet owners are usually stressed. Including a removable floor in your dog house plans is convenient because cleaning the dog house becomes more manageable.

Tips on Planning Your Dog’s House

Below are some things to consider and include in your dog house plans.

  • Before constructing, consider first the kind of dog you have, its size, and its personality. Consider if your dog is more of an outdoor or an indoor type.
  • Next, you can sketch or plan the style of the house. Always remember to buy materials that are available on your budget.
  • No matter what the size of your dog is, make sure they can fully stretch and roam around the dog house.
  • For large dog houses, try to provide some pillows and toys so that your dog won’t feel lonely.
  • To decide which material you should use, take into consideration where you live and the weather your location usually experiences.
  • If your dog is more of an outdoorsy type, it’s best to choose a wooden house for them. On the other hand, plastic materials are best to use when indoors.
  • Do not forget to provide dog beds for all types of dog houses.
  • All dog houses must have proper air ventilation and circulation.
  • Always provide your dogs with some water inside their house.
  • You can always buy a dog house, but building one can save you some money.
  • Decide about the style, design, and aesthetic of the dog house.
  • If you choose to build your dog’s house, consult someone knowledgeable about the materials to use.
  • You can create and design your dog’s house but always prioritize its comfort.

Final Thoughts

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Dog houses are meant to give your pets a cozy and comfortable resting place. Not only do they protect your dogs from dangerous weather and unexpected environmental changes, but dog houses also provide their personal space.

John A. Bukowski, DVM, MPH, PhD and collaborator reminds us that “Pet ownership carries responsibilities that should not be taken lightly. Pets are family members that need to be cared for throughout their entire lives, not disposable possessions that can be discarded if they become inconvenient.”

You can always go with something simple and traditional when planning for the design. Some pet owners even go all out and build something that is a scale model of their home. It still depends on how many people will be working with you and the amount of budget available.

So when planning and constructing your dog’s house, always consider what is best for your dogs. You can never exchange aesthetics for convenience. If you have doubts, consult someone knowledgeable in construction. You can also try to do your research to make sure what you are building would cater to your dog’s needs. Search for every advantage and disadvantage of the materials you are about to use.

In the end, dog houses still should be planned and constructed in a way that makes your pet feel safe and protected in their shelter. Happy building!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you build a cool dog house?
There are lots of ways on how you can build a cool dog house. You can either buy a ready to assemble dog house or you can make it from scratch. If you are looking into building something cool and unique, it will be best to opt for a DIY dog house. With this option, you can customize the dog house according to what you want. You have the liberty to choose what type of material, where to put the door, or what color to use.

How do I build a cheap dog house?
If you want to build a cheap dog house, you can do it by doing a DIY dog house and choosing affordable materials. Also, you can cut on labor by doing it yourself. Dog houses are simple projects and can be built with only basic skills. It takes only a day or two to complete it.

How do you insulate a dog house?
You can insulate a dog house by using styrofoam. Cut foam panels according to the walls, floors, and ceiling of the dog house. Tack these foam panels in place and put wood or plastic panels, of the same size, as cover.

How do you build a medium-sized dog house?
To build a medium-sized dog house, first, you have to build the base. Make sure that the floor is elevated a few inches from the ground for good insulation, for both winter and summer. Next, put up the walls. Real wood is the best choice for walls for good insulation. Leave an opening on one of the walls which will serve as the door of the dog house. Then, build a triangular roof. This shape of the roof will prevent snow and rain from gathering on top of the dog house. Also, it will provide more headroom for your dog and it’s easy to create. Lastly, customize the paint and the inside furnishing according to your preference.

Does Home Depot sell dog houses?
Yes, Home Depot sells dog houses and they have a huge variety of choices. They sell different sizes from small to large. Also, they have different brands to offer. You can buy a dog house from Home Depot for as low as $10!

Do dogs like dog houses?
Dogs who experienced having dog houses when they were a puppy tend to like dog houses more than those who didn’t. But in general, dogs are drawn to “dens” and dog houses give the same kind of comfort and security. It just might take some work to convince him.

Does Walmart sell dog houses?
Yes, Walmart sells dog houses! They have a huge array of choices with varying brands, sizes, materials, and colors. You can choose according to bestsellers, by price, or by date of release. For only $9, you can bring home a dog house for your furry friend.

Are dog houses cruel?
For some, they say that dog houses are cruel because it means that you leave your dog outside of your homes. But some dogs are meant for the outdoors, especially the large breeds. They need room to run around, stretch, do their thing, and, enjoy the sense of security of having den for themselves.

Do dogs prefer dog houses?

Where do you put a dog house in a yard?

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