Corgi Butt: The Butts That Broke the Internet


The corgi. We know that you’ve seen and gushed over these dogs. The breed itself is known for being the favored breed of Queen Elizabeth II and their round rumps. These furry backsides are a frequent subject of photos, videos, and memes on the internet. If you can’t get enough, we’ve compiled some of the best content to appreciate that corgi butt.

Aqua the Corgi

Aqua had recently turned nine, and the Instagram star continues to grow its list of followers. He has also introduced the world to Mr. Buttom, seen above in shades and a cap. The hat is even part of the model-slash-actor dog’s merchandise line.

Brady Pig’s Corgi Butt

In this post, we see the 5-year old dog backing his Corgi butt up to the most appropriate music. Trying to get out of a corner between a wall and furniture, Brady brings us one of the cutest videos on Instagram. The cheeky smile at the end appropriately tops it off well, as if he knows how the internet would go wild over him.

Oliver Lee the Corgi

Running around with that Corgi butt since 2018, Oliver (or Ollie for short) blessed our feed with this comparison picture. Showing off their “gym progress,” we see that the puppy rump has gotten bigger, but is not any less cute. Check this cute corgi-inspired glass.

Fluffy Zion’s Corgi Butt

Is it a chiffon cake, or is it a Corgi butt? It’s fluffiness overload in the shape of a heart. Photos like these are the internet’s favorite and have put Corgis on the social media map. Zion is no exemption to Instagram’s love. Check this fluffy corgi plushie.

Little Tony’s Corgi Butt

While some owners will dock their dog’s tail, some have the groomers shape their fur instead. As you can see, Tony here shows off his heart-shaped rump with a tail to match. The little Pembroke seems to enjoy flaunting it during his walk as well.

Bobby the Corgi

Bobby shows off his yoga skills by demonstrating for us one of his favorite poses. This photo just showcases how active Corgis are and how fluffy that behind can get.

Tofu and Boshi, the Corgis

Here, you have two siblings showing off two styles. You have the “sploot,” all fours spread out on the floor. And you have the “loaf,” akin to a cat with their legs tucked up underneath them. Our writers at The Furry Companion can’t decide between #TeamSploot or #TeamLoaf, but we love seeing both of them anyway.

Saké the Corgi

Look up in the sky! No, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s a Corgi butt. As the fast boy runs, people can’t resist gushing over this dog. With his speed, he looks like a loaf of bread floating in mid-air.

Neville Longbottom

We don’t think there’s a more appropriate use of a fictional character’s name for a pet. “Longbottom” here does indeed have a sizable rump. As soon as our team heard his name, we couldn’t get over it. Check this corgi bedroom slippers.

Ruby the Corgi

We’re glad we weren’t the only ones who thought Corgi butts look a little like chicken legs. Ruby, the Corgi’s owner, seems to think so as well as they like to poke and annoy their pup with love. And you have to admit it, we all do that with our pets sometimes.

Panko the Corgi

Panko here really makes you appreciate the artistry of dog groomers. Just look at how perfectly-shaped that behind is. We give them an A+ for shape, color, and style. We also grant Panko extra points for being extra cute.


Corgis aren’t only cute to look at or watch. They’re also immensely loyal, affectionate, intelligent, and hard-working. Dog lovers looking for a pup will have to keep these traits in mind when adopting. It can require a lot from a household to keep up with these furry companions. But with the right amount of love, patience, and energy, either Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgis can be your perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Corgis Born With Tails?

Both the breeds of Welsh Corgis may be born with tails. Cardigans have naturally long tails, which they retain until adulthood, while Pembrokes typically have short ones. There are also instances when they aren’t born with a tail. People will also often dock or remove the tail to comply with tradition or breed standards. This procedure emphasizes that notable corgi butt you see online.

Do Corgis Like To Be Held?

These dogs are typically affectionate and devoted to their companions. These Corgi butts are notoriously cuddly, and they do enjoy it when their owners hold them. However, despite this, pet owners shouldn’t forget to take them out for walks. Spend some time snuggling with them and get some physical activity into their routine to keep them healthy.

Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

It’s always tempting to stay at home and cuddle with that Corgi butt, but people can’t always stay home. Those in the household may have to go to work, school, or for other reasons. Pembrokes and Cardigans are sociable breeds and often don’t like being home alone for too long. Owners can leave adult dogs alone longer than puppies, but they may still be prone to separation anxiety. It’s best not to stay away from these dogs for too long.

How Much Do Corgis Sleep?–5wQj-B4/

Dogs, in general, will sleep for an average of 12 hours a day. Because they’re a bit more active, a Corgi may sleep for about 8 hours. Most breeds will adapt to their owner’s sleeping patterns and will sleep for the same amount of time they do.

Do Corgis Bark a Lot?

Since this breed is traditionally a herding dog, Corgis do tend to bark quite a bit. This behavior helps these dogs monitor and round up animals. Thankfully, since they are considerably easier to train, owners can teach them not to bark as often. Such would require proper socialization so the dogs learn what they should and shouldn’t yap when home and outside.

Are Corgis Good First Time Dogs?

Those looking to snuggle up to a corgi butt as a first-time owner may be disappointed. Because of their high energy and personality, this breed may not be the best option for someone’s first dog. “These great little dogs have an uncanny desire to work,” explains Jeff Werber, DVM. Their affectionate nature also means that owners will have to devote quite a bit of time to them.

Do Corgis Make Good House Dogs?

Because of their friendly temperament, this breed can be an excellent choice for a pet at home. They will be welcoming towards children, roommates, and visitors. “Corgis are really smart and responsive to people,” says Lynde Paule, Ph.D. However, owners must ensure that there’s enough space in the house for them or that they bring those Corgi butts outside for exercise.

How Smart are Corgi Dogs?

This dog is more than a cute Corgi butt. These herding animals are one of the most intelligent breeds. Pembrokes rank number 11 on the list of smartest dog breeds while Cardigans rank number 31. Their intelligence is one reason why the British monarchy is so fond of them. “A favorite for Queen Elizabeth who has owned them since she was a child,” says Mary Burch, Ph.D.

Are Corgis Easy to Potty Train?

Because the Welsh Corgi is an intelligent breed, potty training can be relatively easy for this dog. They can quickly learn new things and adopt them into their routine. Training may take as long as two weeks to one month, so owners need to be patient and hard-working.

What Is a Corgi Full-Grown?


For those wondering when that Corgi butt will be full-sized, this breed is often fully-grown by a year old. However, there are cases where they may continue to grow until two or even three years of age. An adult Corgi will be about 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh about 10 to 13 kilograms.

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