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    Pet Training

    dog boarding

    7 Reasons Why Dog Boarding Is the Best Go-To Service for Your Pet This 2022

    Do you always get worried about what to do with your pets whenever you want to go on vacation? Leaving them is not as simple as it is. Every pet has a different personality, and you should take these into account whenever you’re hiring a sitter. With this in mind, more and more pet owners …

    7 Reasons Why Dog Boarding Is the Best Go-To Service for Your Pet This 2022 Read More »

    puppy training

    Puppy Training 101: A Comprehensive Guide For Hooman

    Are you bringing a new pup home? Then, get ready for grueling sessions of puppy training! The Furry Companion will give a rundown on training your soon-to-be mess makers! Well, they will only become mess makers if you delay their training. Puppies learn from every experience they have since birth; therefore, the best thing to …

    Puppy Training 101: A Comprehensive Guide For Hooman Read More »

    service dog training

    Curious About Service Dog Training? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Research has proven that dogs help in giving benefits to our health. They do so by encouraging owners to have a healthier/fitter lifestyle, decreasing their stress levels, and therefore increasing happiness too. Yup, all dogs possess this power. But some special dogs do some extra unique stuff for special people too. In this article, get …

    Curious About Service Dog Training? Here’s What You Need to Know Read More »

    dog agility training

    All You Need to Know About Dog Agility Training

    Pets are not meant to be kept all day in a cage. Healthy and happy pets are usually those who engage in exercise. Playing with other pets also works for some. Training is also an activity that places pets in a pleasant disposition. It is essential to train our pets, whether for competition or leisure. There are different kinds of training for dogs, and one of these is concerned with a dog’s agility. Dog agility training helps handlers and pets to bond while exercising your dogs in both physical and mental aspects.

    how to train a puppy

    Pupper Boot Camp 101: How to Train A Puppy Easily

    Training is a vital aspect of your relationship with your puppy. It establishes the foundation of your life with your dog as they eventually age and grow. Learning how to train a puppy training will require a lot of patience on your part as a pet owner. But the benefits that you will reap once your puppy finishes his training will last as long as you and your dog are together.

    dog training

    The Top Dog Training Know-Hows Every Fur Parent Needs

    Being a dog parent is one of the ultimate joys anyone can find fulfillment in. But if you’re like many of us, there is also one thing that racks our heads, not to mention our temper, off- the dreaded dog training phase. Just hearing the words “dog training” is enough to put any fur parent to an uneasy mood. Not only is dog training known to be tough, but most people don’t even know where to start and what to consider as well.

    emotional support dog training

    7 Essential Things You Need to Know About Emotional Support Dog Training

    A dog is truly a man’s best friend. Aside from guarding your house and being a pet, your dog can also be trained to become an emotional support dog. If you want your dog to be your emotional support, you must know about this essential information about emotional support dog training. We, in The Furry Companion, compiled this information to help you in your journey of emotional support dog training.