Patricia Lucido

Patricia is a bonafide lover of both cats and dogs. She’s a proud fur mom to three hyperactive but sweet dogs. In addition to her loving dogs, she wants to have a cat (or three) in the near future. She’s a fresh graduate from university and is currently working as a freelance writer. In her spare time, Patricia relaxes by making creative spreads in her art journal or by drinking tea and reading a book.

how to train a puppy

Pupper Boot Camp 101: How to Train A Puppy Easily

Training is a vital aspect of your relationship with your puppy. It establishes the foundation of your life with your dog as they eventually age and grow. Learning how to train a puppy training will require a lot of patience on your part as a pet owner. But the benefits that you will reap once your puppy finishes his training will last as long as you and your dog are together.

best puppy food

Grub for Your Pup: Top 5 Best Puppy Food for Your Growing Doggo

Taking care of puppies is one of the most exciting and heartwarming experiences a pet owner could have. Puppies are precious and active, playful, and curious. They can instantly make your day brighter just by playing with them. As pet owners, our number one priority is to give the best possible care that we can to our young canine friends. And caring for them includes providing them with the best puppy food in the market that we can afford.

best kitten food

Best Kitten Food For Kittens in 2022

Welcoming a new bundle of feline joy is probably one of the best feelings when you decide to become a fur parent. Understandably, you might be excited to care for a new feline pet. However, newborn kittens have widely varying needs as compared to their fully grown counterparts. As a pet owner, there are hurdles to overcome if you want to ensure that your kitten will grow into an active, happy, and healthy cat.