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10 Dog Door Ideas for Your Canine Companion

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Your doggie needs to go in and out, in and out, and in and out of your house—the cycle is endless. And you will not always be there to open the door for your furry friend. It seems like a problem, right? Luckily, there’s an easy solution for that—dog doors! With a dog door, your canine friend can quickly come in and out of your house whenever it needs to relieve itself or when it just wants to play. That’s a guaranteed convenience for both you and your beloved pet. We at The Furry Companion are here to help you pick a suitable door that your dog will love!

Things to Consider Before Buying or Building a Dog Door

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Before building or buying a dog door, here are things to consider to make it a win for you and your pet.

  1. Location. Will you be installing it on a door, a window, or a wall? Is your preferred location thick enough for a dog door? Dog doors are made with different materials and are available in various sizes. It is best to check the product if it is appropriate for the location you picked before you buy and install it at home. For renters, you may need to check in with your landlords about installing a dog door.
  2. Width and Height. What type of dog do you have? Is it tiny or big? Is it thin or stocky? You need to make sure that the height and width are appropriate for your pet’s size. The door’s weight is also an important consideration, so accuracy is essential!
  3. Lock. It is plausible that a burglar can have access to your house through dog doors—this is the exact purpose of locks! You can either go for an electronic lock or a new security door. Take your pick freely, although it is also very likely for a thief to bump heads with protective canine if one ever tries to rob you. According to Dr. Marty Becker DVM, “You can minimize the risk by making sure the door isn’t visible from the street or alley by anyone looking into your yard. You can also build an L-shaped chute to make it more difficult for a person to get to and through the pet door.”
  4. Weather. The extremity of the climate in your country will also affect your choice. A door that seals tightly and insulates well is appropriate for those who experience snow, extreme heat, or gusty winds. 

Types of Dog Doors

Besides location and size, you must also consider the kind of dog door. Below are the three types of dog doors in the market.

  1. Sliding Door Inserts. This type is most appropriate for dog owners who are only renting their place. Sliding door inserts can be vinyl or aluminum and easily fit your house’s sliding door.
  2. Flap Doors. This door is usually attached to your wall or door. Doors of this type typically close with a plastic flap or an additional cover that you can slide over the flap.
  3. Electronic Doors. This door opens up and closes down instead of in or out. A computer chip or transmitter, often attached to the dog’s collar, triggers the door to open or close.

Dog Door Ideas

Now that you’ve thought about the location, size, lock, and weather and compared the different types, the next step is choosing the best door for your canine! Check out our best suggestions below.

(1) PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs

PetSafe dog door
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This detachable door is perfect for dog owners who rent their homes. It is easy to install and take off whenever you decide to, fitting into the existing rack of your sliding door. There are three colors you can choose from—white, satin, and bronze. It is also built with shatter-resistant tempered glass and weather-resistant aluminum. Moreover, its magnetic closure wards off unwanted critters inside your house. And if you want to keep your doggo inside, the slide-in closing panel will do the job.

(2) Endura Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

Endure double flap pet door
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Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, this dog door is a perfect choice for homes in areas with a cold climate. Endura’s double flap door has three adjustable power magnets on the side to keep strong winds out of your house. These magnets are also useful for keeping unwanted critters outside. Its flaps are also designed to withstand harsh cold or hot weather. This door has a strong and durable aluminum frame.

Included in the set is a secure cover with clip-locks to keep the door closed when not in use. This dog door also comes in small, medium, large, and extra-large, perfect for dogs of different shapes and sizes.

(3) High Tech Pet Power Electronic Dog Door

If you want an electronic dog door, then this one’s for you! It has a directional sensing system that triggers the opening of the door only when your dog is approaching. It also has a four-way access control: In Only, Out Only, Full Access, or Closed & Locked. You can easily pick a setting when you want your furry companion only inside or outside your home.

With this door, your dog can strut inside or outside without pushing a flap. It comes with a collar that activates the movement of the door. Moreover, you can ensure that unwanted critters or burglars cannot go inside your house through this door with the access controls. It only moves up or down, so nobody can push themselves inside. You can also deactivate the dog’s collar to lose its access to the door. Lynn Buzhardt, DVM says, “An electronic pet door is more energy-efficient and locks to keep intruders out.” The door automatically unlocks when it specifically identifies your pet allowing him in or out.”

(4) SureFlap Microchip Dog Door

SureFlap microchip dog door
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This dog door is perfect for the techy canine owner. It uses RFID to read your pet’s implanted microchip. It is designed to recognize at most 32 identities. Dr. Mary Fuller DVM explains that “Microchips are tiny electronic devices that are injected under the skin with a hypodermic needle. When a scanner is passed over a pet’s skin, it emits radiofrequencies that activate the chip, which transmits a unique identification number back to the scanner.” With this technology, you can keep stray animals out of your home. You can install it on walls, doors, or even your windows.

Moreover, this one is for the strict doggo parent too! You can program it to close at specific times—just like a curfew. It is powered by four type C non-rechargeable alkaline batteries that are estimated to last for a year, depending on use. This awesome dog door is designed for small dogs only. You can also check out the app-controlled version of this dog door.

(5) Dog Mate Medium Dog Door

If you’re on a budget, then this door is a good pick. It comes at a lower price without compromising quality. Its hard-plastic flap lasts longer than soft plastic flaps that curve when used by dogs. The flap is also easy to clean—a sure win for you! It also comes with a sturdy lock to keep your dog inside if you want. Dog Mate’s dog door is suitable for your adorable spaniels, terriers, poodles, beagles, and other doggos up to 18 inches shoulder height.

(6) BarksBar Plastic Dog Door

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The BarksBar dog door is another affordable option for your home. This simple yet stylish door functions well and compliments your home decor. It comes in medium and large sizes, and you won’t have any difficulty installing it too! This dog door is perfect for your active doggo and is designed for long-lasting use.

Its soft, flexible, heavy-duty flap made with vinyl can withstand harsh weather. It has a thermoplastic impact-resistant frame that is bite- and chew-proof! This dog door also has a sliding panel that is removable, self-locking, and tamper-proof, guaranteed to keep your dog inside when you want and keep you safe from intruders too.

(7) Thermo Sash 3e

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Perfect for those who live in rented places, this dog door comes in the color white, satin, and bronze. It has seven different adjustment ranges, fit for 22–43-inch wide windows. It also has a heavy-duty aluminum frame that you can install and remove with ease.

Thermo Sash 3e’s low glass keeps the heat off your house on warm days and keeps heat in on cold seasons. It is available in four sizes, small, medium, large, and extra-large. The excellent catch here is it has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 15-year warranty on the flap! A win for you and your doggo!

(8) Hale Dog Door for Screens

Do you have a screen door? No problem! This easy-to-install dog door is made for your sliding screen door. It comes in four colors: Arizona Beige, Bronze, Brushed Aluminum, and White. It has an aluminum frame that is durable and fit for your active canine. The magnets around the frame secure the flap. It also has fuzzy, nylon weather stripping lines around the flap to prevent bugs from getting in.

It comes in 11 different sizes, perfectly suitable for your small, medium, and large doggos.

(9) Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

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Not exactly a dog door, but it is a good option too. This magnetic screen door is super easy to install—you need no tools at all. Just stick it to your door frame, and you now have an entry for both you and your dog. It also keeps insects and bugs out and lets fresh air in your home. This screen door has magnetic pieces that automatically closes the two curtains. It has a top-quality mesh that is durable and wind-proof. Truly suitable for dogs and humans of all sizes! 

(10) Perfect Pet’s All-Weather Dog Door

Whether you live in an extremely cold or hot region, this dog door is suitable for you and your pet! Its double vinyl flaps create air pockets making it energy efficient. It is made with durable materials that can last for years. It comes in different sizes from small to extra-large. While it is a bit expensive, it is definitely worth the buy.

That’s our ten best dog door picks for your furry companion. But if you opt to build a door rather than buy one, here is a guide for you.

Final Reminder from The Furry Companion

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Size really matters. It affects what material you choose and what type to pick. So, make sure to measure your doggo accurately before purchasing a door. After all, your dog’s comfort matters. It makes life easier for you and your pet too.

We hope this guide will help you make a great choice. Cheers to you and your doggie!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog doors a good idea?
Yes, because it provides convenience for the pets and the owners. The dogs don’t need to depend on their owners whenever they feel like having a go. Pet parents don’t have to keep getting interrupted with their chores whenever their pets need to attend the call of nature.

What is the best dog door?
The best dog door is made of durable materials, easy to install, allows good insulation, and includes a lock for security. The most recommended dog doors are BarksBar Plastic Dog Door, Ideal Pet Ruff-Weather Door, and SureFlap Pet Door.

Do burglars use dog doors?
Yes, some burglars do take advantage of the dog doors to break into homes. They reach their hands into the dog door to unlock the door and through which they enter.

Can you buy a door with a pet door already installed?
Yes, there are doors that already include a pet door, like the storm door. These doors can be attached to the outer side of your current door. You can remove it anytime you don’t feel the need for it.

Are dog doors a security risk?
Unfortunately, dog doors are a security risk. Burglars and intruders can access homes through the dog door. Apart from that, wildlife can also utilize the dog door to get into your house.

Are large dog doors safe?
The size of the dog door doesn’t matter for burglars. For as long as their hands fit, even how small, they can still break-in. However, having a large dog door may give them the idea that you own a large dog which they are likely to fear because it is a threat to them.

Do dog doors let bugs in?
Bugs can enter through the dog door through the flap. Insects are relatively small as compared to the smallest dog, which means they can slide in easily. Unless the flap of the dog door is sealed tightly, then bugs can’t come in.

Do doggie doors let cold air in?
If the dog door is not well insulated, then it allows the cold air in. There are lots of good dog doors that have good insulation and an intense magnet that keeps the door closed at all times.

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