Kim Reosora

Kim Reosora is a Communication Arts graduate who always had a passion for writing... and for animals! Since childhood, she has taken a particular liking towards cats. She used to take in abandoned kittens under her care. In fact, she initially wanted to pursue Veterinary Medicine to help out our furry companions. In a few years, she swears to finally be the cat mom of her dreams. Now, she loves the fact that she is able to write about one of the many things that she loves.

Kim Reosora
service dog training

Curious About Service Dog Training? Here’s What You Need to Know

Research has proven that dogs help in giving benefits to our health. They do so by encouraging owners to have a healthier/fitter lifestyle, decreasing their stress levels, and therefore increasing happiness too. Yup, all dogs possess this power. But some special dogs do some extra unique stuff for special people too. In this article, get …

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dog training

The Only Dog Training Know-How Every Fur Parent Needs

Being a dog parent is one of the ultimate joys anyone can find fulfillment in. But if you’re like many of us, there is also one thing that racks our heads, not to mention our temper, off- the dreaded dog training phase. Just hearing the words “dog training” is enough to put any fur parent to an uneasy mood. Not only is dog training known to be tough, but most people don’t even know where to start and what to consider as well.

best dry cat food

Top 10 Best Dry Cat Food Every Cat Parent Should Try

Cats require the right nutritional balance to stay healthy and avoid getting sick. However, choosing a diet for them is also tricky. You will find that there are just too many choices when you go to the pet store. For first-time cat parents or even long-term ones, the number of options can be very overwhelming. Don’t worry. The Furry Companion is here to help!

pet skunk

What to Expect When You Own a Pet Skunk

“Why would someone even think of having a skunk as a household pet?!” might be anyone’s initial reaction to the idea of a pet skunk. But really, we can’t blame them. Skunks are infamously known to “smell bad,” making them a nightmare when they drop by for an unexpected visit during summer camps. Their scent is known to be so bad that it sticks to clothing for a few days even after washing. Which leads us to the question: can you really own a pet skunk? Here, we answer some of the questions about pet skunks.

teacup dogs

Should You Really Own a Teacup Dog?

If you are Paris Hilton or just a certified dog-lover, you would know what teacup dogs are. The past two decades have been a time for “designer dogs” to be on-trend. You might be familiar with terms like “Maltipoo,” “puggle,” or “labradoodle.” All these dog breeds are “designed” to exhibit a specific type of look to appeal to some people. Teacup dogs are another prime example of a “designer dog.”

dog behaviorist

Everything You Need to Know About a Dog Behaviorist

For dog owners, you would know too well that they can be a little rowdy sometimes. They might even have several behavioral problems that can drive you crazy. Your dogs might be tackling your guests or jumping at your table during meals. You can resolve these issues by hiring a skilled trainer. However, if the situation seems to be more severe, and you’re not sure what to do, then you might consider hiring a dog behaviorist instead.

low calorie dog food

Here’s How Your Furry Pet Can Benefit from Low Calorie Dog Food

We all love our dogs no matter what size and shape they come in. However, obesity in dogs is a severe nutritional defect that causes dogs to obtain excess body fat. Dogs who tend to be less active, have a tendency for weight retention, or are generally over-nourished can become obese. Obesity can result in long-term health problems and can drastically affect your dog’s quality of life. Not to mention, it can also shorten your dog’s life span! Because no pet owner wants this, one primary solution to combat obesity is switching to low calorie dog food. In this special The Furry Companion guide, we did the research on everything you need to know about low calorie dog food so that you don’t have to!