Kim Morales

Kim is a practicing professional in the PR Industry and is currently taking her MA in Communication at the University of the Philippines Diliman. In her spare time, she bakes, works out, and spends time with her chow chow, Tofu.

Kim Morales
best wet cat food

Felines’ Finest: FAQs on the Best Wet Cat Food

To all fellow cat enthusiasts: it’s safe to say the company of our fine feline friends has proven to be both heartwarming and soothing. A survey conducted by the Cats Protection charity in the United Kingdom has found that those who spend time with kittens or cats feel calmer and less upset. Like their canine counterparts, cats have been known to improve the overall health of humans and influence our personalities.

sensitive stomach dog food

Frequently Asked Questions on Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Whether you’re an owner yourself or an average dog lover, being in the company of man’s best friend contributes to your overall well-being. Dogs have been known to improve heart health, reduce stress, and, in some cases, can also help improve mental health. These friendly creatures are, down to their core, pure in their form and only deserve the best kind of care.