Janssen Cuenca

Janssen is a fresh graduate of Philosophy and is currently busy with freelance jobs to support her future law school journey. She loves spending her spare time watching TV series, movies, and sports.

Janssen Cuenca
dog agility training

All You Need to Know About Dog Agility Training

Pets are not meant to be kept all day in a cage. Healthy and happy pets are usually those who engage in exercise. Playing with other pets also works for some. Training is also an activity that places pets in a pleasant disposition. It is essential to train our pets, whether for competition or leisure. There are different kinds of training for dogs, and one of these is concerned with a dog’s agility. Dog agility training helps handlers and pets to bond while exercising your dogs in both physical and mental aspects.

best air purifier for pets

The Best Air Purifier for Pets for the Year 2020

We love allowing pets to our rooms! However, it is unavoidable that some of us are allergic to them or have other health issues that don’t allow us close proximity to our pets. They can also leave an odd smell, especially if they stay in a room for long periods. Thus, the need for air purifiers arises. We, at The Furry Companion, compiled the best air purifier for pets list! Check our list for the top-rated air purifiers you can purchase for the year 2020!

emotional support dog training

7 Essential Things You Need to Know About Emotional Support Dog Training

A dog is truly a man’s best friend. Aside from guarding your house and being a pet, your dog can also be trained to become an emotional support dog. If you want your dog to be your emotional support, you must know about this essential information about emotional support dog training. We, in The Furry Companion, compiled this information to help you in your journey of emotional support dog training.