Nicole Rocafort

Nicole is an avid sports fan and an excellent multi-tasker. Aside from her full-time work as a Commercial Management Trainee in a food and beverage FMCG company, she also entered two fulfilling part-time jobs: one as a researcher in a business news channel and another as a freelance writer of various companies. Nothing can beat the adrenaline she feels from all of these amazing side hustles!

Nicole Rocafort
best wet dog food 2020

Best Wet Dog Food That Will Make Your Pet Love You Even More This Coming 2020

Are you aware that the best wet dog foods are composed of around 70% to 80 % moisture and have a small proportion of soft kibble in it? Those with high moisture content have lower carbohydrates and more quality protein. If you are looking for the best wet dog food which will make your pet love you even more, keep on reading. The Furry Companion will present you with the best ones and the information you need to know.

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