Agatha Imson

Believing the Ancient Egyptians were right, Agatha plays human to a loving but feisty tortie. Outside of HR work, she enjoys dancing, taking photos, binging on Netflix, and chasing after stray cats.

cat drooling

Why Is My Cat Drooling? – 7 Major Causes and Best Remedies

When we think of cats, we don’t think of them with their mouths open, tongues rolled out, and saliva dripping out. Unlike dogs, drooling isn’t something you catch sophisticated felines doing. But occasionally, you may see them salivating over something. But when is it normal, and when is it a cause for concern? The Furry …

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Owning an Irresistible Ferret: 7 Essentials and Basics You Need to Know

At The Furry Companion, we love all types of pets. Ferrets, like cats and dogs, are animals that can be a great friend for the household. They also share characteristics with both cats and dogs. While they sleep a lot like felines, they can be sociable like canines. So how do you prepare yourself for a pet ferret? Let’s look at the things you need to be aware of before you bring your furry buddy home.

cat png

Cat PNG: The Evolution of Cat Memes

If man’s best friend is a title that dogs own, cats are Internet royalty. When it comes to memes, our feline friends tend to make it to the top of the list more often than any other animal. Although the occasional dog, panda, or even llama garners attention, cats are a constant viral figure. And while we at The Furry Companion love all animals, it’s hard to resist any form of a cat PNG.